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Eating Healthy On the Go for Busy Moms

If you are like me and constantly running between work and home, your kids and your dogs, you may find yourself lacking in time to eat proper meals. Yes, it does help to keep me slim, but by the same token, I get so hungry that by the time I do eat I will eat … Continue reading

Up To The Minute

  • Of course I don't blog for profit, but it was nice when WordPress gave me $103 for doing what I love anyways. Bought new shoes for work since these  dress shoes are killing my feel LOL. If your curious it took me exactly one year to earn the money. Yay shoes.
  • Add a new job with a longer commute with homework and studying, then mix in daddy's new hours to my already jam packed life and you have my excuse for not blogging! Will try to write one next week.
  • Guest author and stay at home dad Blake will be talking about the kinds of gifts father's really want for Father's Day.
  • Given the site a fresh new look for spring.  Hope you like it!

Welcome to A Game of Diapers!

Thank you for visiting my website. As a working mom of three littles (including twins) the goal of my blog is to inspire and enlighten. Watch as the game unfolds, join in and share your winning tips and tricks, and never, ever, run out of diapers.

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Have a merry Saturday :-) My new most favourite t shirt!  #twins #dragons #gameofthrones The special moments between twins. #parenting #babies #motherhood  #multiples One day she'll be explaining the computer to me LOL.

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