Wordless Wednesday: What Breastfeeding Twins Looks Like


This is a pic from when the girls were almost five weeks old. Sansa left, June right. I decided (after some hesitation) to publish it in the hopes that expectant mothers of twins would see it and try breastfeeding before going to bottles. As you can see not only was I bonding with the girls,  but they were bonding with each other.

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26 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: What Breastfeeding Twins Looks Like

  1. Omg. This is exquisite!! Thank you so much for sharing it. What a lovely moment. I love how they are holding hands and hugging you too. So precious. And awesome for you that you nursed twins! I can’t imagine what that must be like since I fought so hard to just nurse one. Sigh.

    • Thanks! Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. We did supplement with a bit of formula but I am glad I got six months in (now only June nurses full time, Sansa prefers bottles).

  2. Watch my Facebook page tomorrow for the link to my post “Surviving Nursing Hell” :) Nursing twins. Oh my.

  3. This is my favorite picture! I have almost the exact same one with my girls. Beautiful, thanks for sharing and bringing back those memories!

    • Thanks! It took ne a while to realize that not too many can say they have a picture like this (since twins is my normal) so I wanted to share. They grow up so fast eh?

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