Twin Tuesday: You Know You Are A Mommy When….


Thought we’d have some fun today and talk about the idiosyncrasies of parenting. Join in at the end. And no judging me LOL I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

1. You are put at the store and realize that blob is not part of the pattern of your shirt, it’s baby spit up.

2. You are sitting in your chair rocking, and then you realize you don’t have a baby on you.

3. Someone needs something like a kleenex, hair elastic, vaseline, candy, or a wet nap, and you are like “yeah, got that in my purse”

4. You are watching the Imagination Movers concert on television and you think, “hey, they’re pretty good”.

5. You find yourself singing the theme song of The Cat in the Hat on your way to work. Here we go go go go on an adventure…

6. You don’t wear jewelery anymore because it’s just another shiny object to be grabbed or yanked.

7. When/if you are lucky to go out for groceries alone you keep feeling like you are forgetting something.

8. You know how to unwrap a chocolate bar without making a sound.

9. You never know how many people will end up sleeping in your bed at night.


10. Laundry is a daily ritual.

11. Silence makes you worry something bad is going on/about to happen.

12. You say the words pee pee and poo poo more in one day than you did all the years before (and getting the pee pee or poo poo on you doesn’t phase you anymore either).

13. You used to get all kinds of boxes of cool stuff from Amazon. Now you get diapers. You then proceed to make said boxes into a house (okay, maybe you did that part before?).

14. Your hot and steamy dreams are about a Tim Hortons coffee.

15. If you want to give someone a lift you have to move all the car seats first.

16. If the kids are out, and you are caught up on your chores (rare, I know) you panic because you don’t know what to do.

17. You are exhausted, and your favourite time is bed time…not yours, theirs.

18. Make up? What’s that?

19. You see a Thomas the tank engine in Walmart and almost buy it just because it’s one you have never seen before and you want it. Then you realize you don’t play with trains, it’s them.
20. You know where the washroom is in every store in a 5km radius and have used them all (well not you personally).

21. Add your own in the comments.

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31 responses to “Twin Tuesday: You Know You Are A Mommy When….

  1. You know you’re a mom when you pull silly faces (and accompany them with weird sounds) at your 18 year old brother when he is hanging out with his friends and don’t realize that it’s not the right context. (At least it gives everyone a laugh!)

  2. I laughed so hard at this. And then read it over and laughed again. Number one favorite is the Cat in the Hat song. We don’t even watch the show, just see the commercials. And yet I swear I hum it every time I leave the house.

    • Yay! What’s worse is I have to drag the double stroller in all those washrooms too. Once even the dogs. Two dogs, a double stroller and me and Sawyer all piled in the big stall at petsmart! LOL

  3. I was keeping a running list of similar items for a future post (My creativity is slow, lol!), but I got the idea when I saw a huge mess of toilet paper on the bathroom floor and was relieved it was just on the floor and not IN the toilet. I wasn’t even upset about the mess I was so relieved, lol. This is a funny post :)

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  6. Definitely #2. It happened more when the twins were smaller, but I’ve found myself jiggling as if I’m comforting a baby, with no baby in sight. Blah.

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