My Growing Twin Belly Pics

Here are some pics along the way of my belly. And yes, I do change my haircolour a lot!

Pre pregnancy













Just found this one from 37 weeks (Christmas eve). Since I am sitting down and wearing black my belly might not look that big, but when you compare it to the size of my legs and arms, you get the idea.

For postpartum pics see my postpartum pics page.

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45 responses to “My Growing Twin Belly Pics

  1. you win the amazing giant twin belly contest, lol, how tall are you (you look tiny!) my belly was huge but I’m a big girl so it didn’t look quite that pointy. You carried your twins really well!!!!!!

    • I am 5’5 normally about 115-120lbs. I went up to 172 with the girls who were born weighing 7.5 lbs and 6lbs. I lost almost 30lbs the day they were born. It was like walking on air after that. :-)

      • lol, you’re definitely super tiny compared to me! I have lost 60lbs since my highest weight with the twins and I’m still not even close to your pregnant weight. You carried your belly well, very beautiful.

      • Thanks! If they hadn’t induced me I bet I would have gone to 40 weeks and been huge. They said I was closed up tight with no signs of labour when they induced at 38+4 (where I live they don’t let you go past 39 weeks with twins). Just a bit more to go to fit into my prepregnancy clothes, but my goal for now is to be healthy since I am breastfeeding.

      • good for you! i found I lost weight faster with the twins because of BFing two instead of one (this last baby through me for a loop though–my body is not recovering as fast as with the first 2 pregnancies–then again he was 11+lbs!!!!)

    • Nah, it was fine. In fact, I miss it all the time! Having two babies inside you is the most wonderful,magical experience. I think that shows in my smile in my pics.

  2. OMG I LOVE these pics!!! You are so tiny so your belly had nowhere to go but out. hehe I was a bit the same except at full term I looked like maybe your 25 week photo lol I did only have one kid in there after all. And you not only change your hair colour but your whole look! That’s amazing! Go you!

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  4. Since I’m a guy,I probably shouldn’t be joining your team,but after seeing those INCREDIBLE pregnancy photos,I felt like I just had to.Each and every photo is WONDERFUL,but I must confess that my very favorite is the one at 21 weeks.I hope you won’t be offended by my reason for picking that particular one.You have your shirt pulled up exposing your AWESOME pregnant belly.It’s so BIG,so ROUND,so PROTRUDING and SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks! I definitely miss being pregnant. Since I took all the photos outside my home I couldn’t really show my belly because there were people around LOL. Cheers.

      • Hi Shannon, I’m so glad you liked my comment and that you didn’t find it offensive.Thank you and have a GREAT day!!!!!

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  8. O
    I am 6′ tall and now 20 weeks pregnant and JUST had to stop wearing my regular jeans. Still no one can tell by looking that I am pregnant. You are AMAZING.

    • Wow you are so lucky to be so tall. Yeah I went from 115lbs to 173lbs and I looked like I was term when I was only about five months. God I miss it! Congrats on your pregnancy.

      • Thanks! It’s my second and everyone told me I’d pop out a lot earlier but here I am now at almost 24 weeks and still barely showing. Just showed your pics to my husband – we’re both so impressed.

      • Thanks! I remember going for an ultrasound mid way. I had gained 26 lbs and was measuring 26 weeks. Right on track for 26 weeks, except that I was only 19 lol. By then end, even xl maternity couldn’t cover my full belly (approx 60lbs). I lost 30lbs on the day I gave birth and I felt like I was floating! I miss it ;-) thanks for stopping by.

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  10. I am amazed that you carried them so long! And they were so big! Anyone I know who had twins has them a few weeks early and they are in the 5-6 lb range. I am showing right now at 6 weeks, but I showed at 12, 10, and 8 with the other three babies so I am still telling myself it’s only one baby. I’m not sure I would survive twins! You look amazing rocking the baby belly!

    • You are pregnant! Congratulations! Why did I think your husband had a vasectomy?? You are so lucky big hugs. If you are curious you could find put your HCG. I knew it was multiples because mine more than tripled in two days. Congrats again, you are so lucky.

      • Thanks :) We had decided he was going to get one. And we weren’t having any more babies. And then about a week and a half ago we got a surprise. He is just waiting on an appointment right now for the vasectomy.

  11. WOW! Your photos and blogs are inspiring. ^_^
    Our third and fourth children were surprise “stair-step” children, each born right a year and a month after their older brothers. Luckily, there are about four years separating their older sister from the oldest brother, so all four weren’t infants at the same time like in that one story you shared about the quads.
    With the third child, my baby belly did grow large, and he was born weighing almost nine pounds. With the fourth child…my belly grew larger than your twins belly! and he was barely five pounds at birth. It was shocking. There was so much water. The whole time before he arrived, wherever I’d go, people would ask if I were having triplets and I’d secretly wonder if maybe a couple infants were just being missed on the ultrasounds.
    I think it’s cool the different surroundings in your photos. It shows you’re on the go, spontaneous, and interested in sharing your stories about life. Congrats on your family! Love your blog.

    • Thanks. Yes with my son I gained about 45 lbs and he was 9.5. With the twins I gained around 55lbs but it was 14lbs of baby (plus two placentas etc) so like you said every pregnancy is different. You are so lucky to get pregnant so easily, I wish I knew what that was like! Lol. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to write such a nice comment. Best wishes.

      • You remind me of myself when I was pregnant with the difference that back then I didn’t want to make any pictures and now I regret for all those missed opportunities.

      • Yeah, I wish I had taken so much more but that the time I wasn’t really thinking about it. Plus after I went on Mat leave at 36 weeks I didnt have access to the work mirror to take pics so 36-38.5 weeks are kinda missing.

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