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January 29 2013

Sawyer is exactly 2.5 years old today. Me, tired….and still nursing! Advertisements

Sawyer builds his first snowman with Papa

The Twins: Night and Day

While they may have shared a womb together it seems June and Sansa are going to be two very different people. So far: June: outie (belly button)           More awake at night           Likes bottle nipples to be up           Likes having her diaper                 changed           Never spits up           Low pitched cry           … Continue reading

January 28 2013

Still nursing…

Saturday naps at 3 weeks old

January 25 2013

I made through the day with dogs, twins and a toddler all by myself. And the house still.looks good!

First growth spurt down.

The girls will be three weeks tomorrow. I made it through Jeff’s first week back at work pretty well. Mind you I owe that all to my mom.and dad who have come every say and helped with diaper changes and chores and the dogs. Fridays they can’t come so I will be on my own … Continue reading

Baby faces

January 24 2013

Still can’t believe I am a mother of three!

Things I can do while breastfeeding

Since I am pretty much nursing 24/7 I have had to learn to multitask. So far I have breastfed while: Making a snack Eating the snack Brushing my teeth Doing puzzles with Sawyer Feeding Sawyer Feeding the dogs Pumping milk Reading a book to Sawyer Anything on my phone Sleep And I am working on … Continue reading


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