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The Twins: Night and Day

While they may have shared a womb together it seems June and Sansa are going to be two very different people. So far:

June: outie (belly button)
          More awake at night
          Likes bottle nipples to be up
          Likes having her diaper      
          Never spits up
          Low pitched cry
          Sleeps in swing just fine

Sansa: innie
            Active in the morning
            Cries at diaper changes
            Likes her nipples down
            Spits up all the time
            High pitched “dolphin” cry
            Prefers to sleep on people

Lucky for me, in spite of their differences they are both great, pretty easy going babies. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


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I am a university educated full-time working mother of four children. Proudly Canadian, I freeze my butt off along with my loving partner, two dogs and a cat. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them, but if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.


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