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Formula preparation: Did you know?

Since I had twins, I was lucky enough to have the Department of Public Health send a nurse to my home after giving birth. I learned something interesting. For newborns, liquid formula is recommended (either ready to use or concentrated). If concentrated you mix it with boiled water to maintain sterility. Since Sawyer didn’t start … Continue reading

Items to buy or not to buy continued

Crib: Sawyer actually used his pack and play until he was almost a year old before we bought a crib. When buying a crib look for one that can convert into a bed so you get your money’s worth. We got a great crib for a great price at IKEA. They have a lot of … Continue reading

TPOMBA semi annual twin sale on March 23rd!

Can’t wait to check it out. We will need another high chair and possibly an umbrella stroller. I love saving money. I will do a post soon about all my tips and tricks for saving money.

Items worth buying for twins

Lucky for me, my twins are my second and third children. So having done this once before I already had a good idea of what I would and would not need. Although the initial plan was just to reuse things from Sawyer, we had to improvise when we found out it was twins. A couple … Continue reading

February 25 2013

The twins in the eyes of the government.

So, when the twins were born, like most parents, we went on line and registered them. We got their birth certificates, health cards, SIN numbers (very important for taxes and setting up their RESPs, which I advise all parents to do.) We also registered them for benefits. Last week I received a letter saying they … Continue reading

June is ready for the Oscars…Sansa spit up.

Aww! What a lovely family :-)

February 23 2013

Twice the diapers, twice the cost, twice the nursing, but twice the smiles. 🙂

February 22 2013

Too busy to blog. Sorry. I did promise I would say that Jeff is a Dick (because he made fun of my blog). Hee hee.


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