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Items worth buying for twins

Lucky for me, my twins are my second and third children. So having done this once before I already had a good idea of what I would and would not need. Although the initial plan was just to reuse things from Sawyer, we had to improvise when we found out it was twins.
A couple of years ago I went to the international baby show with Sawyer and there was no shortage of gadgets and gizmos and a slew of salesmen convincing expectant moms that they would need them. Let’s face it, do you really need a specially designed magnetic clip to keep the carseat straps from getting tangled? Mine have never tangled ever! I feel like if you can’t handle that maybe you shouldn’t be reproducing! LOL
In any case, here are some of the things I like/ find useful:

Diaper Genie: Totally worth the $40. It takes care of the diapers and keeps the smell away. Yes, the refills can be costly but you can buy in bulk and save (they are 3 for $22 at both Walmart and Costco).

Nursing Pillow: if you plan on nursing some sort of pillow is a worthwhile investment. I have the My Brest Friend Twin nursing pillow which I scored for $75. The funny thing is, so far I do not like it (but many moms swear by it). I find it very confining and heavy and with a toddler and dogs I may need to get up when nursing. I have been.reusing the Jolly Jumper Boomerang pillow we got for Sawyer. It is awesome for nursing, and great for helping you sleep when you are pregnant too.

Baby Bottles: Speaking of nursing, whether you do or not you will need baby bottles. The mistake I made was waiting until Sawyer was 4 weeks old to introduce one because I was worried about nipple confusion and then he wouldn’t take it! Start early, I never had any problems with the twins. You never know what kind your baby will like so try to get samples of a variety of kinds. You can often get these by going to baby shows or signing up on company websites (Nestle baby club etc). All our kids love the Nuk orthodontic and they are often on sale and are reasonably priced.

Sterilizer: if you have bottles you will need a sterilizer. I recommend the microwave ones vs. The stand alones. They are cheaper, easy to use and don’t take up counter space.

Bottle Warmer: handy to have but not a necessity if you are short on cash. Same goes for wipes warmers. I love ours but if things are tight I could live without it.

Carseats: whether you have a car or not you will need them. They won’t let you leave the hospital without them. Shop around, but be mindful that they do have expiry dates. Also consider what kind of stroller you will be using because you will want to have compatible stroller and carseats. I was lucky to get mine at Zellers going out of business sale for $40 each (from $120). You don’t want to spend a lot of money because I made that mistake with Sawyer. I paid $200 not realizing that by the time he was 5 months old he would have outgrown it and we would need to buy a bigger one!

Stroller: a must for someone like me who has dogs to walk. However I can’t really comment on the stroller because it’s winter here and I haven’t used it yet! My first stroller was a Quinny and it was terrible, especially considering how much they cost. Learning from my mistakes I purchased the Kolcraft Contours Tandem stroller, so we will see how that goes.

Baby Swing: these can be pricey but you can often buy used. Our first we purchased.from Once Upon a Child. Our second we got from Kijiji. They are great, the babies enjoy watching the mobiles.and being rocked to sleep. They are also a safe place to put a baby of you need to use the washroom or take the other for a diaper change. Tip: look for one that can be plugged in. Our first runs solely on batteries and that can be a bit of a pain.

Breast Pump: another big purchase so you may want to wait until you are sure you will be breadfeeding to buy one. Shop around, I got a great deal on mine from I purchased the Advent by Phillips single for my son. Everyone told me to invest in a.double for the twins so I did, however I have yet to use it that way! I just prefer doing one at a time (not that I have a lot of milk to spare). Also invest in storage bags. I bought the cheaper ones once and they leaked. Believe me, breastmilk is like liquid gold and tears will come to your eyes if you lose some due to a leaky bag. Finally, on the topic nipple cream. Go for the Medela lanolin, it is so much better than the others I have tried (if you are like me you will only need it at the beginning, but you will need it).

Well babies are crying so I will continue tomorrow, as well as talking about some of the things you don’t need.


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