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Items to buy or not to buy continued

Crib: Sawyer actually used his pack and play until he was almost a year old before we bought a crib. When buying a crib look for one that can convert into a bed so you get your money’s worth. We got a great crib for a great price at IKEA. They have a lot of great baby stuff there.

Change table: for us, space was a huge issue so we never had a change table for Sawyer. Instead we invested in a pack and play which did double duty as a bed and had a change table built in. For the girls we got a great change table from.IKEA. It’s light weight and collapsible so we can move it around and collapse it if we need space. It’s sturdy and easy to clean and for $80 I could be happier with it.

Baby monitors: these are a waste of money in my eyes. Unless you live in a mansion (in which case money is not an issue anyways) you don’t need it. You will hear when your baby cries, trust me. Plus like most new moms you will be so pwaranoid you will always have your baby with you anyways!

Diapers: stock up before baby comes. Buy some in newborn AMD some in size 1. Newborn diapers are great because they have a cut out for the umbilical.cord stump and a wetness indicator which helps you ensure baby is peeing. Sadly, they only come on brand name.but if you collect coupons and watch for sales you can save some money. After that it’s up to you. I never found much difference between brand name and no name until Sawyer was mobile and then the no name.didn’t cut it. Again, with the use of coupons and sales I have been able to buy brand name for little more than no name. Also both Huggies and Pampers have points clubs so you can collect points towards baby items.

Bathtub: no need for bells and whistles here. Just something sturdy that does the job.

Nursing shirts: I am.split on this one. With Sawyer I never bought any. I just used shirts with elastic necks and vnecks to nurse and it was fine. Plus I could get fashionable shirts quite cheap at places like old navy. You don’t want anything too fancy because you want to be comfortable and you will be spit up on and peed on so something you can easily wash is a must. However with the girls I have bitten the bullet and invested in a few nursing tops (all purchased on sale) because most shirts don’t have enough space to let you pull out both boobs, plus at least you don’t look like your entire chest is on display. Also, it’s winter right now so its kinda cold to be uncovered! LOL as for nursing bras, never bought one! Used shelf camis with Sawyer that I could just pop out of. With the girls I prefer not to wear a bra. Since I am forever nursing I don’t see the point. They are expensive and I don’t want anything hindering my milk production.

Baby hats and booties: I must have a thousand of these, yet none of my kids have ever worn them! We try but they just fall off and get in the way and the babies are just fine without them.

Well that’s all I can think of right now for the early days, I kind of lost my train of thought. I will do a second segment on buy once baby is a bit older. Also stay tuned for all my money saving ideas and parenting tips and tricks for singles and twins.


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