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Note to self on diet and breastfeeding

Do not eat a bunch of raw veggies and broccoli quiche for dinner. EPIC FAIL! LOL Six hours of screaming, upset, gassy babies (who are normally very easy going). Oops! Advertisements

What Do You Think? Co-Sleeping

I am a strong advocate of cosleeping and have blogged about it before. Check out what Atlanta mom of three is doing and read my comments as well.

Being a working mom vs a stay at home mom

Before I jump into this post, let me preface it by saying two things. 1. This is a very controversial topic, I am just referencing my personal.experience, so facts not opinions. 2. This is something I could write volumes about (as is the case with a lot of my topics) but for now I am … Continue reading

Fifteen week postpartum twin belly pics

At fifteen weeks, I am down to 128lbs from 172 and I can fit into my university jeans (ie. The ones I wore when I suffered from the freshman 15, well 10 in my case). I feel pretty good and with my clothes on you’d never know that just three months I was so big … Continue reading

Where did all my milk go?

Well, actually I have a good idea where it went but I am still not sure. In the last week I have noticed I have little milk and I have had to supplement with more formula. I think it started when Sansa decided she liked drinking from a bottle better than nursing. Hey, I don’t … Continue reading

Yes, I have done this!

My smartphone: lifeline or a crutch?

First, let me set the scene. When I was on mat leave after having Sawyer I was pretty depressed because I felt cut off from the world. Partly because we had no car, and since by the time he could go long enough between nursing it was winter and too cold to out. The second … Continue reading

How do you afford a big family?

This is a question that has plagued me for some time, but I fear to ask it on one of my boards because I don’t want to offend anyone. I see lots of posts from stay at home moms with five or more kids and I just don’t get how they do it. My husband … Continue reading

The girls are officially Canadian.

Today was a nice day out, despite the rain the predicted. I took the girls and Sawyer out for over an hour by myself 🙂 First, we went to Tim Hortons to take advantage of their $1 drink.days (I got an iced coffee and Sawyer got a raspberry lemonade). Then.we walked around ans.met the other … Continue reading

Happiness is walking dogs with Soybean


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