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Twins/Toddler Tuesday

Potty training with Sawyer.

When Sawyer turned two we decided to start potty training. We felt he was not quite old enough (since he couldn’t talk yet, how could he tell us when he had to go?) We stalled a bit but in a month he went from saying two words to over 50 and so we tried. There was pressure to get him trained and in a routine before the girls came because I really didn’t want to have three kids in diapers.

Well between my parents, Jeff and myself we were inconsistent at best. I was working full time and pregnant with the girls (so huge) and I really didn’t have the energy or desire to fight with him on my days off. Instead I chose to enjoy our time together going for breakfasts and playing at the park.  So, no surprise, Sawyer is still in diapers (well pull ups now, there are no diapersuo that will fit him!) Once we got close to the birth of th babies we didn’t see the point since all our lives were about to be turned upside down.

Now that the girls are a bit bigger we have decided to try again. So this week we are going all in and trading his diapers for underwear.  Cross your fingers and I will report how it goes. I am hoping waiting so.long will pay off and it will be quick, but well, yeah. I am sure I will be cleaning up lots of messes either way :-p


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