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Trip to Target


This will be great for shopping with the twins when they are older.

Target has not only come to Canada, but five minutes from my house 🙂 Finally took a trip there today to check it out. Overall, I give it a 4 out of 5. They had a great selection of baby items not available elsewhere, amazing women’s clothes and accessories and I lived the Starbucks at the entrance. The downfall was that the groceries are on the second floor which would be a pain in the butt if you were trying to just run in for a few grocery items (you have to use a special lift to get your cart to the second floor). The store was also pretty empty, but I think that may remedy itself in a few months. Price wise it was on par with say Walmart, but they didn’t have a lot of sales. I also didn’t like how a lot of items weren’t priced and I could only find one price checker. Again, I think part of that may be because they had to remove tags because they were in American prices. Staff were abundant and very friendly and the store was cheerful and clean. I will be going again.


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