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The Thursday Review

The Thursday Review: Kolcraft Contours Options Twin Stroller



With car seats and car seat adapters.

I have now been out and using my twin stroller for a few weeks now, so I will provide an early review (I say early because we haven’t used the seats yet. My frame of reference is the Quinny Buzz stroller we used for Sawyer.

The Look: I definitely like the look of this stroller. It has the look of the more modern expensive strollers (without the price). As far as I know it only comes in red and black, which I think is smart because red is a good unisex colour (for reuse or resale).

The Seats: As I mentioned we are still using our car seats. The stroller accepts pretty much all makes of carseat, provided you use the car seat adapter. The stroller comes with one which is fine if your children are different ages, but for twins you will need to purchase a second. The good news is you can get one from Babies R Us for about $23.

I really like the multiple configurations of the seats. You can flip the seats from front to back with ease and allow you to really get the most out of this stroller. Both seats face parent, both seatsface forward, seats face each other, one seat faces parent and one seatfaces forward, or remove the back seat for space.

Each actual seat has several recline settings. The only thing to watch out for is one of the seats bumping the other in certain positions. The weight limit for each seat is 40 pounds.

The Frame: Considering the price tag I was really impressed with the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller’s frame. I have the newer, lighter version and it is very light for the size. It weighs almost the same as my single Quinny did, and isn’t much longer either. There is a newer version still that looks to be a bit more compact because the seats are more angled. I love that it is narrow and allows me to walk down the street with my dogs or son alongside it, and it fits through all door and isles in stores.

The fold is not too complicated and the bright side is when it’s folded it can stand on its own (and measures 24″ x25″ x42″). When folded it takes up quite a bit of room, whether in your trunk or home. Taking off the seats allows for a more compact fold and allows you to store it in pieces. With my quinny folding it was near impossible and you had to take the seat off which meant all together the think took up the entire trunk in my hatchback!

The shopping basket is HUGE, and is accessible from multiple angles making it a true place of storage. I love this since my Quinny didn’t even come with a storage basket, I had to purchase it separately!

The handle features a foam covered bar. And I was slightly disappointed that the handlebar was not height adjustable. But I found everyone who pushed it (at various heights) didn’t have a complaint about the height. The handle also features 2 cup large holders and a storage case, great spot to stow keys or a cell phone. Quinny: nope (had to buy separately!)

The wheels are solid, which I love. My Quinny had inflatable tires, which seems like a good idea, providing a smoother ride. Wrong! They were constantly deflating and I had to buy several new tubes for them (picture me pulled over by the side of the road, two dogs tied to me, son in stroller trying to change the tube in thirty degree heat).

Surprisingly, I have found the stroller to have a good suspension.and it provides a pretty smooth ride even on grass.

It also love that for its size it is very easy to manoeuvre. It turns on a dime.

Conclusion: so far I give this stroller two thumbs up. Okay, not a surprise considering I researched the heck out of this purchase after hating my Quinny which was twice the price! I ordered mine online for $299 from the US. You can now buy it in Canada at Babies R Us for $349 (I think).

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced double stroller, especially for twins (since it takes two car seats and has so many seat configurations). Are there other nice strollers too? Sure, Bugaboo Donkey and Peg Perego look great but they cost a small fortune and like with my Quinny, all the accessories are sold separately.


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