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Nominated for the Leibster Award!


So this week Running After Ale was nice enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award.  Since I am still a blogging novice, I am unfamiliar with the awards, but I am so excited.

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers to encourage them to continue their work.  What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Below I’m nominating 11 other fantastic bloggers who should have a million followers because they are just so amazing, fun and informative. I can not tell how how much I have learned from other follow bloggers since I started blogging this year.

To the nominees: You must write 11 facts about yourself and then answer 11 questions that follow. When you are done nominate 11 other blogs and have them follow the same rules- 11 facts, 11 questions and 11 new blogs with less than 200 followers.

My Nominees in No Particular Order are:!/read/blog/id/23250689/

I apologize but I only blog on my phone so I had to pull in big strings to sit at a computer to do this post (because of the links etc.) so I was not able to do all eleven, but I will come back and do them later.


My Questions Are:

1. What do you love most about being a parent?

2. What do you hate most about being a parent?

3. What is your go to excuse for not doing something?

4. What is your most favourite chore?

5. If you could afford any car what would it be?

6. What is your favourite drink?

7. Do you have pets (list)?

8. Do the socks you are wearing currently match?

9. How many languages do you speak?

10. What’s your favourite thing about being a blogger?

About Me:

1- Where is your next vacation going to be? Vacation? What’s that? Never had one.  Maybe someday I would like to take the kids to Disney Land.

2- What are you having for dinner tonight?
I had rotini with vegetarian bolognese sauce.

3- What is your favorite time of year?
Fall.  I love the leaves changing, the smell in the air and Halloween.

4- If you could quit your job right now because you just won the lottery what would you tell your boss?
I’ll still volunteer and maybe become a board member.

5- Why did you start blogging?
I needed a hobby while on mat leave and I love expressing my opinions on things. Oh, also because new babies make life such a blur I wanted something to remember it by.

6- What is your favorite color?
Purple? Don’t really have one.

7- How many bothers and sisters do you have?
One brother, one sister in law

8- What is your favorite movie?
Too many to say!

9- Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
No, but I would love to.

10- Do you have a green thumb?
Ironically I ran a garden centre for two years, but in real life I’d say its pastel green at best 😉
11- PC or Mac?


About Shannon

I am a university educated full-time working mother of four children. Proudly Canadian, I freeze my butt off along with my loving partner, two dogs and a cat. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them, but if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.


One thought on “Nominated for the Leibster Award!

  1. Congrats!!! 😉

    Posted by runningafterale | May 24, 2013, 8:24 pm

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