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Financial Sense: Don’t Rely On The Same Bank Twice

If you are like me you have several resources when it comes to money.  You may have any (or all of the following: credit card, debit card, chequing account, line of credit, mortgage, loans, RRSPs, RESPs etc. Most people find it convenient to do all of their banking with the same bank.  It makes sense … Continue reading

Twin Tuesday: My Guilty Confession

Now that the girls are six months old they are pretty much sleeping through the night. So I have started transitioning them into their crib (we have a twin pack and play in our bedroom). The idea of freedom and not having to share the bed or sleep at all kinds of weird angles seemed … Continue reading

The Power of Twitter/ Kudos to Shoppers Drug Mart

I am a very frugal mom.  I am always looking for savings wherever I can find them.  So, when a store gives me a loyalty card I take advantage of it. (if you don’t check this out LINK). I currently belong to Shoppers Optimum Club.  This is a points club in which you collect points … Continue reading

Working On Being A Working Mom

A few months ago I wrote a post on being a working mom vs. Being a SAHM. Click here to read. My thesis was that neither is “harder” they are just different in their own way. Well now that I am starting to transition back into a working mom, let me tell you, it’s hard! … Continue reading

Over Seven Years In The Making…

Yesterday started out like any other day. I was tired because the girls hadn’t slept well, but Jeff was off so I got to sleep in a bit. I was excited because they were having a points event at Shoppers Drug Mart. So off I went with Sawyer and got $200 worth of free stuff. … Continue reading

Friday Facebook Blog Party

It’s party time!  Lets share some of our successes of the week. Come on in and make yourself at home. Comment below and link up to your fav post from the week. It could be one that was popular, helpful, or one that you think got missed. Let’s get to know each other so don’t … Continue reading

Freeze Summer Raspberries

Here’s a handy tip. Freeze fresh raspberries and then crumble them on cereal. You get a great fruity cereal, and it’s nice and cool as the milk instantly defrosts the raspberry bits. This trick works great for muffins too! You get a nice distribution of  fruit and the muffins cook better, rather than big wet … Continue reading

REBLOG:Buyer Beware: Why Bargain Batteries Aren’t Really a Bargain

This is some interesting advice from Apartment Therapy that I really wanted to share. Feel free to check out their site for all kinds of great ideas. Buyer Beware: Why Bargain Batteries Aren’t Really a Bargain While rechargeable batteries are preferred and recommended for both environmental and economic reasons, there are still a few devices which still … Continue reading

The Mommy Manifesto

Wordless Wednesday: All About Nap Time

Oh how I miss naptime!


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