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Top 10 Reasons Why I Enjoy The Two Week Wait

Anyone who is trying to conceive knows about the dreaded two week wait.  That fourteen days after ovulation until you can find out if it worked or not and you get your BFP (big fat positive). 

After enduring several of these myself, I decided to try to be positive and so I came up with the top 10 reasons why I like the two week wait.  Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

10. The amount of pills and or medication I have to take is greatly reduced.

9. I can pee at night again! I don’t have to worry about making sure I hold my pee until morning so I have something to test.

8. My bathroom looks a lot more like a bathroom and a lot less like a chemistry lab.

image7. My eyes can recover from all the squinting at opks- is it dark enough or isn’t it?

6. I don’t have to worry about not planning my life in case that peak shows up and we need to bd. What do you mean you have to work late?!

5. I can recover from all the baby dancing.  You can get a little sore after a while.

4. I can enjoy a hot bath without worrying I am washing away much needed swimmers (I know you can’t but you know how it is).

3. The two week wait is a set number of days (unlike waiting for ovulation). I can count to 14 muchimage easier than an unknown number. Not to mention First Response has really made it to more like the 10-11 day wait 😉

2. I can break my boy shorts out again- goodbye uncomfortable thongs and the rest of you lingerie for now.

1. It is out of my hands. I have done all that I can possibly do so all I can do it try to relax and wait it out with my fingers crossed

Baby Dust to all of you!


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why I Enjoy The Two Week Wait

  1. Lol these are funny! Thanks for resharing!

    Posted by mummyflyingsolo | July 20, 2013, 1:12 am


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