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My Confession: I Am The Mom Who Doesn’t Cook.


Above: both our food cupboards and fridge. Note the abundance of snacks but lack of “food”.

That’s right. I am a mother of three who does not cook. Not because I can’t, just because I don’t want to.

I am sure you have all come across this at some point in your lives. You assume the way you do things is the way everyone else does them…until you find out it isn’t universal. I think you notice this the most when you move in with someone. For example, I always keep bread on the counter while hubs always freezes his. I always sleep with the bedroom door open, hubs always slept with it closed.

Currently, I follow a hundred or so blogs and a lot of networked moms use their blogs to share recipes or talk about meals they make. Today alone I came across three. That’s when it hit me.

I don’t cook!

Not because I can’t but because I don’t eat meals in general. I do bake and enjoy baking treats with Sawyer but that’s where it stops.


My whole life I have been a “grazer” or my dad used to call me “the mouse” (always nibbling). I snack a lot or eat several small meals a day depending on how you look at it. There is probably a handful of occasions where I have a sit down meal.

So, when dinner rolls around hubs is at work (he doesn’t get home until after 7pm), the girls have baby food, I have a bowl of cereal and I make something par cooked for Sawyer (frozen dinners, tofu dogs or sliders, Kraft dinner etc.)

Yes, I can cook. But what is the point when you are cooking just to feed a toddler? Cooking is way cheaper to feed people, but for a person it’s often easier and cheaper to open a can of soup than make a pot.

Is this healthy? It’s not the best (for me or us). I do try to stay away from over processed foods and opt of low fat, low sodium options like President’s Choice Blue menu items. It probably would be healthier if I cooked but, well, still not enough to make me change my ways.

Hubs used to be a chef, so he does cook on weekends, although he is a meat eater so he often cooks meat, which I don’t eat. So Sawyer and him eat while I have crackers or yoghurt with fruit.

My parents are vegetarian and they often send left overs our way (if your reading this, thanks Mom) which is great. Sawyer eats some and hubs takes some for his lunch. Sometimes I have a small portion at dinner time, but it’s on my own when I am hungry regardless of when anyone else is eating.

I don’t believe in eating when you are not hungry so a set meal time does not work for me. I don’t like eating meals so I don’t (even the rare occasion when we go out for dinner I order nachos). The thing is, I have been doing it for so long, I actually forgot the rest of the world does dinner.


Sometimes I wish we were more like a “normal” family. Maybe once the girls are older we will be (since then I will be feeding three).

Does it make me a bad mother? Well of course I always say do what works for you. I do worry that when the kids are older they will try to copy me, and I definitely don’t want them to get caught up in my food issues.

Could I ever change? I don’t think so. I mean, I suppose I could. Depending on what my work life looks like, I could get more into “meals”. In past years I have never had time to eat at work so snacking on the go worked perfectly for the job, which only reinforced my habits.

But don’t despair. I will still share recipes like other moms, the difference is I just think they look good, but I will never make them.

Bon Appetite!


About Shannon

I am a university educated full-time working mother of four children. Proudly Canadian, I freeze my butt off along with my loving partner, two dogs and a cat. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them, but if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.


6 thoughts on “My Confession: I Am The Mom Who Doesn’t Cook.

  1. I do cook meals for us as a family but I have to admit, I’m no expert cook in the kitchen. I can put together regular healthy meals though. Having said that, I just ordered Chinese then put the phone down and read your post!

    Posted by Dawn Frazier | August 3, 2013, 1:22 pm
    • Ha ha. Well at least I can say even though I don’t cook we almost never eat out or order food (I think it helps that I am a vegetarian). We do get Thai food about twice a year though. Yum yum.

      Posted by Shannon | August 3, 2013, 1:39 pm
  2. I appreciate your honesty. I almost never cook for my husband because I can’t taste-test his ultra-spicy food, and he is also very picky. So it’s just the 4yo and me to serve… I have cut back almost entirely on processed foods but I feel you — I keep my stash of less-healthy meals on hand but otherwise just try and keep it fresh and simple. Thanks for reminding us we don’t have to be perfect in EVERY aspect of parenthood/adulthood as we are expected to be…

    Posted by La Güera Pecosa | August 4, 2013, 12:06 am
    • Thanks for the great comment! You are right. My mantra to parents is to do what works for you. Just because you don’t cook all the time doesn’t mean you are a bad parent 🙂 I couldn’t handle ultra spicy food either LOL

      Posted by Shannon | August 4, 2013, 3:24 pm


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