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10 Tips For Starting Solid Food With Twins


The twins have now been eating “solid” food  (I use the term solid jokingly since it ain’t solid going in or coming out) for about three weeks and here are a few tips/things I have noticed.

1. Don’t assume they will like the same things. I shouldn’t be surprised since I always comment abut how my brother and I are so alike except when it comes to food. Being related doesn’t seem to affect your palate. In my case, they are not like each other, or their older brother. He would only eat cereal at the beginning. They much prefer sweet potatoes.

2. You can never have enough bibs! You just can’t. Hence the baby’s first Christmas bibs in July.


3. Baby cereal is important because it contains iron. Babies build up their iron supply in utero, and it is usually enough to last the first six months of life. So feeding them fortified cereal becomes important after that point.


4. Mum mums are good because they help teach baby how to chew and swallow. I never tried them with Sawyer, but I let the girls play, suck on, and eventually eat them before starting messier things.

5. Feed them breakfast BEFORE you get them dressed for the day. Saves on laundry and the possibility of ruining your favorite outfit.


6. Stock up on dog shampoo. Who can blame them for waiting patiently for scraps. Baby food is a sticky mess, cereal turns into cement. Once, I took Juno in for her regular grooming and the groomer found an anti living in her fur feasting off the stuck on baby food! (I can laugh now but I was pretty embarrassed at the time.)


7. Be prepared. You change what’s going in, you are going to change what’s coming out. If it’s diapers- stinky! If it’s spit up- yuck!

8. Stock up and save. I do like to make my own food, but at this point they eat so little and I don’t know what they will like so I find its easier to just buy a bunch of pre made on sale.

9. Baby spoons make great weapons for twins to hit each other with (or throw, chew on, or make music by banging against the chair).

10. Feeding twins is awesome because you don’t have to wait for a slow baby. By the time you feed the next one, the first one is finished chewing and so on. Plus, less leftovers, and it doesn’t really take any longer than feeding one.

Month one down, month two to go.



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7 thoughts on “10 Tips For Starting Solid Food With Twins

  1. Points 2 and 5 are excellent tips. Mine seemed to live in bibs at that age, what with the feeding and teething dribble! I loved the fact that I could put twice as much food, as for one baby, in one bowl and alternate mouthfuls.

    Posted by Dawn Frazier | August 8, 2013, 2:28 pm


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