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The Thursday Review: Baby Feeding Accessories

Now that the twins are eating solids I thought it would be a good time to review some of the feeding tools to let you know which ones are worth spending your money on.


1. Baby Cubes

Baby cubes are storage containers designed for parents who make baby food. For instance pulverized a sweet potato, put it in the cubes, freeze it, and then microwave and serve all in the container.

They do everything they promise, but the down side is they aren’t that easy to clean and the containers get all over your fridge. There is also no where to label the containers and believe me, sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash all look the same.

I also found you need a lot of cubes since one sweet potato will full about 12. So while they are relatively inexpensive, you do have to invest in a few sets.

My advice: use ice cube trays. Once the food is frozen you cam transfer it into a Ziploc which allows you to label and date it, and it takes up less space in your freezer. Then, depending on how much fold you need just defrost one, two or three cubes.


2. Baby Fresh Food Feeders

These are pacifier like holders that allow you to put food inside (ie. A banana) and then the baby can squeeze it through little holes and eat it. It allows baby to eat on her own without choking.

There are two main brands available Munchkin and Baby Cubes.

Munchkin: The concept is great, and it really does work. The problem is the netting. It is really hard to clean and gets run down after only a few uses. Yes, you can buy replacement nets, but at $10-12 for the feeders and then $6-8 for replacement nets, you are spending a lot of money for something your baby will only use for a short time. Don’t forget between six months old and a year babies go from soupy mush to eating regular food, so these are only necessary from about 6-8 months.

Baby Cubes: The baby cubes version is a little better because it has a plastic holder rather than netting so it is easier to clean and lasts longer. But I find there is a pretty big amount of wasted food that baby can’t get out of the holder.


3. Munchkin Easy Squeeze Spoon

This is a pretty cool idea. You put the baby food into the handle of the spoon and then squeeze it out as the baby eats. No bowls needed.

I really like these because they are great for feeding on the go. The spoon twists to an open and closed position so you don’t have to worry about food accidentally squeezing out. Also, if you are clumsy like me and you drop it or the baby whacks it out of your hand, you don’t have food everywhere. The spoon holds exactly one small jar of baby food.

The down side would be that I find you waste a bit more food since you can’t quite get all of it out. Also you have to watch out for air bubbles. A couple of time I have hit a bubble and sprayed food on the babies.

My Advice: When it comes to baby spoons be sure to try a variety as you will find babies may prefer a certain shape over others, especially at the beginning.



4. Bibs

There are several types of bibs out there, from disposable to cloth to plastic.

Disposable: These are very convenient and easy to keep in the diaper bag for when you need them. They do a decent job in a pinch. The downside of course, is that you have to buy more to replenish your supply.

Cloth: Cloth bibs are good because I find you can get a good fit around baby’s neck, and they don’t seem to bother most babies. They are lightweight and come in every pattern and size. The down side is you pretty much have to wash them after every use. With twins, that means three meals a day times two so six bibs a day!

Plastic: These are the bibs I prefer. They are easy to clean after every feeding and many of them have a pouch at the bottom to catch food (so it all doesn’t end up in baby’s lap). Mine have adjustable straps to accommodate the baby as she grows. The down side is that I find sometimes food gets underneath them at the neck, and they bothered the babies at first, and now the are always chewing on them.

So now you know.

If you are still bottles be sure to see

Happy feeding everyone!

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