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Happy Anniversary to Me!

I have officially been a vegetarian for 21 years…and still going strong. I would highly recommend giving up meat to anyone who is considering it. Advertisements

Introducing the Game of Diapers Weightloss and Diet Plan

Well, it’s been eight months since I weight 172lbs. All the weight is gone and all my clothes fit again. Aside from some loose skin you would never know in was the size of a house. So, I thought I’d repost how I got from there to here. If in were to write this again … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Why Having Twins is Effing Awesome

Hell Ya!

Life episodes Chapter 5.

Originally posted on My middle-aged perspective…:
I loved being pregnant, I seriously think it’s the best part of the whole parenting thing, you are technically a parent, but without the inconvenient realities of being totally responsible for the smelly baby bits.   As your belly grows you have the ultimate excuse for over-eating. ‘Hold my legs, I’m going…

The Vitex Experiment: Month Two

I have now been taking Vitex supplements for two months (wow, where does time go?). I am currently taking three 400mg capsules a day (with meals). This all started because I was having trouble regulating my postpartum hormones.  Read about it here. According to my research it takes three months for the Vitex to build … Continue reading

11 hours in a car with kids….

Originally posted on M & A's World:
Have I mentioned before how much I love my kids? Well, I love them even more now! I was really worried about the drive from Melbourne to Adelaide, in one go, with 2 young kids in the back. Would they get sick? Would they get bored? Would…

Holiday Shopping Made Simple! Download the New Shop For Kids App

Sounds handy.

Mushrooms in Adobo Sauce

Originally posted on Lucy's Friendly Foods:
I think it’s the sudden chill in the air that has made us want to turn up the heat in our meals. Besides, D is a sucker for anything Mexican and a bit spicy. Warning though, this recipe is HOT, not one for the kids unless they have…

Happy Eight Months: Where Are We Now

I am still in shock when I think about the fact that my little baby girls are now eight months old. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with them. For others with twins I thought I’d do a quick run down of where we are so you can have an … Continue reading

The Vitex Experiment: Month One

If you have not read about my experiment with Vitex yet and want to learn more click here. I started this experiment after reading all about Vitex and hoping it would help regulate my hormones as my body goes through its postpartum phase. Since I couldn’t find anything conclusive about dosing I decided to go … Continue reading


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