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Cartoon Crazies: Mike the Knight is Mad Men

mad-men fireman-mike-the-knight-be-a-do-it-right-305062PART TWO: For part one click HERE.

Maybe it’s because I am a little sleep deprived, or maybe its because I have watched one to many cartoons, but I have started to notice similarities between some of Sawyer’s television programs and my own. Am I really just watching a more complex version of cartoons with added sex and violence? I am not sure, but I guess I will let you be the judge.

So I have written a couple of posts highlighting what I see so you can see it to. I hope you enjoy ūüôā

Today’s post is about Mike the Knight becoming Mad Men.

To start, let’s look at what the shows are about.


Mike the Knight: a period piece in which the main character Mike goes through a series of situations where he continually makes the same mistakes and then cleans them up.

Mad Men: a period piece in which the main character Don goes through a series of situations in which he continually makes the same mistakes and has to clean them up.

Next, take a look at the similarities between the main characters.


MikePercival1Mike: he is a very self centred boy who is more concerned about doing what he thinks is right than anything else, even if his “knightly” missions are detrimental to others. Rather than learn from his mistakes he goes out and¬†makes the same¬†mistakes¬†again.

He stubbornly wants to do everything himself and refuses to accept help from his sister or his dragons.

He wears a suit of armor and lives in a busy town.

donDon Draper: he is concerned with doing what is best for him even if it means cheating on his wives or backstabbing people in his ad agency. He has been married twice because he can’t stay faithful and continually cheats on his wife/mistress.

Don is a very soliatary man, who refuses to talk about his past and never likes to accept help from anyone.

He is almost always wearing a suit and tie and works in busy New York City

But…it doesn’t stop there.¬† There are similarities in the rest of the cast too.


Galahad: Mike’s horse who he rides on and is always there to support him, even when his requests seem odd.


Betty Draper: Don’s wife (who he rides on) who was always there to support him, even when his behaviour seemed odd.


Evie: Mike’s sweet, but hard working little sister who somewhat understands Mike and tries to help him out when she can.¬† Being his little sister she looks up to him.

ob-dc753_moss_g_20090211104630Peggy: Don’s sweet, but hardworking colleague (and former secretary) who somewhat understands him, and tries to help him out when she can.¬† Being his prot√©g√© she looks up to him.


Sparky and Squirt: these are two dragons that have helped/ try to help Mike with his adventures.  They are talented in in their own right, but he rarely listens to them.


Roger Sterling and Bert Cooper: these two dragons have worked with Don for a number of years and often offer him advice, even though he doesn’t usually take it.

Fernando%20with%20lyre%20plus%20storyboardFernando: this is the bard who records Mike’s work for future generations in song.

Style: "Mad Men"Joan: the head secretary/ account manager who records all of Don’s work for future reference and billings.

And its not just the characters that are similar, there are also similarities in the stories.


Mike and his village often face both cultural and political strife.  He has had several run ins and misunderstandings with the Vikings and the Trolls.

Don and his city find themselves in midst of cultural and political strife.  There are numerous instances involving racism and homophobia.

Mike lives in a world with fire and water breathing dragons, magic and castles.

Don lives in a world with fire and water toting clients (cigarettes and alcohol), magic (sex) and castles (skyscrapers).

Mike lives in a male dominated world ruled by a king, where the women bake and clean and the men fight.

Don lives in a male dominated world where men are the bred winners and women are generally domestic.

OVERALL: While both shows are actually very similar, I am happy to report that when it comes to the actual plots of the episodes they are very different (if they weren’t I think Treehouse would be getting a lot of angry letters).¬† Still they can both be entertaining and frustrating at times to watch.

Stay tuned for the next in our series The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That vs. The Killing.


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2 thoughts on “Cartoon Crazies: Mike the Knight is Mad Men

  1. I know nothing about Mad Men but we LOVE Mike the Knight in our house. Surely he would figure out that his initial idea is a BAD idea!!

    Posted by linbritt | September 4, 2013, 6:51 am

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