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Review: L’Oréal Feria Deep Copper Blonde 74

One of the haircolour trends for this fall is copper, so I thought I would give it a try. I really wanted to get L’Oreal Excellence Red Penny but they didn’t have it so I went with the Feria.

The product is much harsher than ones I usually like to use and it smelled pretty gnarly. I will admit though that out of most the the colors I have used recently it came out pretty even and vibrant (son you sacrifice gentle for better colour). If you love at the before pics you can see how jy roots were blonde and the colour was uneven. After only the roots are slightly lighter and the rest is all uniform.

I did like that the colour went on thick and didn’t drip. For a red colour it made almost no mess, and I wasn’t even being careful u using my hair colouring cape or vaseline around my hairline.

If you want a really orange copper blonde than this is the colour for you. Unfortunately it was not the colour for me. I initially liked it (as you can see I was smiling in the pictures) but it wasn’t fully dry yet.

Once it was completely dry the colour just did not suit me (and I can pull off most colours). So I colored it again…and again. I am not up to nine times in the last six weeks! You can always tell when I am stressed because I take it out on my hair. I am pretty upset because the idea of cutting all my hair off was so that it would be healthier and it is now fried again. Such is life I suppose.

P.S. The sunglasses in the after pics are because I was just about to walk the dogs when I thought it looked dry enough to take the pics.


Before pic.


Another before pic.


The colour


Colour on my hair.





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5 thoughts on “Review: L’Oréal Feria Deep Copper Blonde 74

  1. Cute suits you

    Posted by journey2dfuture | September 13, 2013, 2:06 pm


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