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Fighting the War Against Breast Cancer With Eye Glasses

glasses 2I am very much into philanthropy.  I donate regularly to a few charities including The Toronto Food Bank and the Fauna Foundation.  But you know what is even better than giving?  Giving and getting at the same time!

Gap was one of the first to really capitalize on this idea with its product RED line.  In collaboration with Bono they came up with the idea to sell a product line from which would increase awareness of the problem of AIDS in Africa, as well as having some of the proceeds go towards the cause.  Even the GAP product reddidn’t know how successful it would be because unbeknownst to them Oprah picked up on the idea, and the day after her show aired a product RED t-shirt could not be found (at least in Toronto).  I loved those shirts and still have most of them.  They had great logos like INSPI(RED), ADO(RED), DESI(RED).

glasses3Anyways, back to the point.  These days there are lots of opportunities to give back while still getting a little somethin’ somethin’, and that’s what my new glasses are all about.

October is breast cancer awareness month (and I love the pink in the NFL by the way).  In honour of that one of my favourite glasses designers, Derek Cardigan, has teamed up with my favourite place to buy glasses, Clearly Contacts, to create a unique set of pink framed, limited edition glasses, from which $25 of every sale will go towards helping in the fight against breast cancer.glasses1

In addition to his pair, there are also several other designers on board, meaning you can choose from a variety of stylish and affordable glasses and help breast cancer at the same time.  To date, has donated over $60,000 with the help of our dedicated customers to such charities as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Rethink Breast Cancer and the Linda Creed Foundation.

glasses5I got my glasses last week and they are great.  They are comfortable, lightweight and stylish.  While they are a tad brighter than I expected, I absolutely love them and I wear them with pride knowing that I also helped a very worthwhile cause. Every chance I get (including this post) I tell everyone I know about what I have done and what they can do to help.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and give back.  Even if you don’t get something physical in return you will always be rewarded with the joy in your heart that comes from charity, and you are teaching your kids a wonderful lesson.

Disclaimer: This article is written from the bottom of my heart!  I really love Clearly Contacts and these glasses and I have received NO compensation for writing this article.



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2 thoughts on “Fighting the War Against Breast Cancer With Eye Glasses

  1. They are so cute!!! I love that companies create this for bc awareness. Very dear to me.

    Posted by Heather C | October 24, 2013, 11:20 am

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