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Holiday Survival Series: A Woman’s Guide to Gifts For Men That Give Back

Buying gifts for the man you love is not always the easiest thing to do. Picking out that perfect present could potentially take weeks of intense brainstorming. While classic favorites such as ties, socks and electric razors are popular, how many of those does one man need? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a … Continue reading

Mommy’s Day Off!

Since I have been doing extra duty watching the kids lately so hubs can go out, he decided to give me the day off. Since the girls were born I haven’t really been downtown because you can’t feasibly take a three-year old and a double stroller on the TTC, so I decided to go downtown.  … Continue reading

How to make a wishing tree

This is such a great idea for a baby shower or a wedding. One of the best and easiest projects I have seen in a while.

Wordless Wednesday

People say Sawyer reminds them of Macaulay Culkin. I don’t see it. Lol

Something Hiding In Your Spice Rack Could Make Baby’s Formula Safer

I thought I’d share this since it is in keeping with the theme of today’s post.

Ten Tips for Transitioning Your Breastfed Baby To Formula

Now that I have successfully weaned three kids, I can offer some advice on the topic of switching from breast milk to formula and bottles. Read on to learn from the mistakes I made with my first baby, including a pretty bad practice that I didn’t even realize was wrong. 1. Start Bottles Early.  It … Continue reading

Breastfeeding But Want To Drink This Holiday? Check Out Milkscreen

I wrote this review a while ago, and technically it isn’t a true review since I have never actually used the product, but I thought since people do like to drink during the holidays I’d revisit. Yesterday I took a trip to Shopper’s Drugmart to pick up a prescription. They said it would be about … Continue reading

5 Tips for Safe and Smart Holiday Shopping

I recommend doing your holiday shopping online but if you are a newbie, or not, read this first.

Stop! Don’t Put That In The Microwave.

While the debate over the safety of using microwave ovens is old news, there are a lot of new findings about the safety of the food you just cooked in the microwave.  Many people are consuming toxic chemicals because they were not using proper dishware in the microwave. I love my microwave.  I can’t imagine … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday


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