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Should Moms be Paid to Breastfeed?

I think it is a step in the right direction, but education is key. Breastfeeding is hard, it is a learned skill, and it is best for your baby.
Consider the cost of formula and bottles, breastfeeding can save a mom over $1000 a year, so if that isn’t enough financial incentive already I am not sure if another will help.
Good or bad, you don’t learn until you try so good luck brits.

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Leave it to the Brits to one-up us all, y’all. First, they gave us a king and now — they’re paying moms to breastfeed.

The pilot scheme, a joint effort between the government and the medical research sector, is targeting moms in British areas like South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and a third area — and they’re offering to pay 130 moms up to 200 Euros in shopping vouchers so long as they nurse their babies. And if all goes according to plan, the British government plans to roll out the nursing-for-profit program in England within the next year.

The team behind the project said that breastfeeding was a major cause of health inequalities in the country. Dr. Clare Relton, a university expert heading up the project, said that she hoped the financial incentives would foster a culture where breastfeeding was seen as the norm; and so if more and…

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