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Back At Work And Thinking Too Much

wpid-IMG_305783193268318_wm.jpgI have been back at work for a week now, and here are my thoughts so far.

Work has been busy since it is the Christmas season and I have lots of events to keep my busy.  I haven’t been missing the time with my kids so far since I still get four hours with them when I get home before bed.  I am sure I will start missing them more as time goes by.

I have enjoyed seeing all my old friends at work, and making some new ones.  I like that I am able to get dressed up, and without all the heavy lifting and chores my nails actually lasted almost the whole week before I had to redo them 😉

Yesterday was my first “day off” yesterday if you could call it that.  Running around trying to get caught up on a week’s worth of chores was a little stressful. On top of everything that goes into looking after the kids I was also doing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, loads of laundry, taking the dogs for a big walk, grocery shopping etc.  Hopefully, once I get back into the swing of things I will be able to spread it out more, but right now by the time I get the kids in bed I am exhausted.

Since being back I have been really feeling thankful.  I can’t believe that this is my life.  I have a great job and I go home to three wonderful children, I have the support of my parents, a loving partner, a great home, what more could I really ask for?  I already blogged about this once, but my life is so perfect, I am almost waiting for something to go wrong.

This is causing me to worry.  I am starting to look into the future and anticipate problems that may never actually happen.  Like daycare.

You see, my wonderful parents help us look after the kids because where I live the cost of daycare for three children would be $4000 a month (or more).  In fact, according to Today’s Parent, people are spending as much for one year of day care as they would for one year of university!  If it were not for my parents, my husband would not be able to work, and we cannot afford to live on one income.

My mother was a teacher for 30 years, and both my parents are wonderful, smart, caring and loving people and I am thankful everyday for their help.  Not just because of the money, but because I can leave my children with them and not worry because I know they are taken care of, and also getting the love they would be getting from me.

I worry that now with three kids it’s too much for my parents to handle.  Two eleven month olds and a three-year old is a handful for anyone (plus the dogs).  Also, since we moved it now takes them an hour each way to get to our place.

Then I worry about getting pregnant.  There is no way we could ever handle another baby right now.  Really, it would be a miracle to get pregnant so I know the odds are slim to none.  But I also know my luck, and it would be because for the first time in over four years that I am not obsessed with getting pregnant that I do.  Again, silly, but like I said, I am just looking for things to go wrong.

So my focus for now will be to try to stay focussed.  I mean, after all,  my life is, in reality, far from perfect.  It is my perspective that it is.  And since only I can control my perspective, I can still think of my life as “perfect” (for lack of a better word) no matter what life throws at me.

Wow, I guess being back at work has affected me a little more than I thought… Or maybe it’s that I am thinking too much…


Stay tuned for this and many more ramblings in the new year. 😉

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