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Christmas 100 Years Ago: Being Thankful

It is so easy to take things for granted these days.  We get so focussed on what we don’t have and we forget about what we do have.  A quick look back is a big reminder of that.

On the radio today they decided to take a look at the top items children wished for on their list for Santa 100 years ago (in 1913).  Here are some of the top items children wanted compared to today.


1. Candy

2. Nuts

3. Rocking horse

4. Doll

5. Mittens/gloves

6. Toy train

7. Oranges

8. Books

9. Handkerchiefs

10. Skates

Now take a look at the items topping contemporary lists:


1. Furby Boom

2. Teksta Robotic puppy

3. LeapPad Ultra

4. Flying Fairy

5. Bug Hugs Elmo

6. Barbie Dream house

7. Giggly Monkey

8. Nerf Gun

9. Ninja Turtles

10. Lego

Obviously times have changed, but when I think about all those little kids with cold hands just wanting mittens and a juicy orange it makes my heart ache.  It really made me realize how blessed I am and really we all are.

To really push me over the edge into tears, they were also doing a fundraiser where they help one family in need a week.  This week it was a couple that had twin girls (just like me).  Dad works two jobs and doesn’t get to see his babies because he has to work in another city, mom is taking care of five month old twins alone, they have no money for car seats or a double stroller and recently their hydro was cut off because they couldn’t pay their bills.  And yet they are good, hardworking people, who are always helping others.

A toy horse from 1913

When I think about all that I have, or all the help I had raising my twins (who are just six months older) and just can’t imagine what their life is like.  I consider myself to be a pretty down to earth person, but even just recently, I have been getting so fixated on those who have more than me (specifically, those who can afford daycare).  Wow.  I am so very very lucky.

So if you feel bad because you can’t afford all the toys your little ones want this year?  Don’t!

The time you spend with your family is way more valuable than any amount of money that you could spend on them.

There are so many people out there who have less than you.  I always say that no matter how bad your life seems, there are lots of people out there who would love to be in your shoes.  So have a merry and thankful holiday this year, and if you can give back, whether it’s donating to a cause, giving to the food bank, or volunteering your time (I have been wrapping presents with all the proceeds going to charity).

Happy Holidays.




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