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10 Easy Tips For How To Be A Mom AND Look Good

Whether you are a working mom or a SAHM, the way you dress is important because not only does it affect how you look it affects how you feel. So read on to find out how you can look good and feel good in spite of the chaos that is motherhood. Especially when you have … Continue reading

Baby’s Hungry: A Daddy’s Perspective on Nursing (and Nursing in Public)

Originally posted on The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies:
by Jay Parr That special bond between a mother and her child. I was about twelve, riding the DC Metrobus home from school, when a woman started complaining loudly about another woman breastfeeding her baby on the bus. I didn’t see anything, so I don’t…

The Day We Threw His Toys Away

Lately my son has been going (what I hope) is a phase where he is violent and yesterday I literally reached the end of my rope, but I think I finally got through to him. I love my son, but lately I he has been testing his boundaries because he has started talking back to … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Congratulations on your Lava Boobs

I had to share this little comic from because it is 100% me after nursing the twins. Related Articles Sexy Saturdays: My Brest Friend, My Sports Bra Sexy Saturdays: Your Breasts After Weaning Sexy Saturdays: All About Breasts

Hands up if this is you!

Parenting, blogging, kids, internet, privacy, babies, twins, motherhood
Blogs, computers, ecards, humour Continue reading

A Happy Relationship Means Having Your Own Bank Account

Money is the number one issue couples fight about so happy finances does help lead to a happy marriage.  For us, that means we each have our own bank accounts, and we like it that way.  There is no right or wrong way to manage your money (okay there is a wrong way, but not in … Continue reading

Let Your Children Be Your Teachers

As parents we often think that it is our job to teach our kids everything from right and wrong to how to tie their shoes. What we forget is that they teach us just as much but only if we pay attention. Since I have begun practicing mindful parenting I have started a habit that … Continue reading

The Sunday Showcase: Best of the Week In Blog

  Your one stop shop for all the best blog posts of the week.  Too busy to always check your feed? I know I am.  Not to worry, because when playing a Game of Diapers you always want to make things easier.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best posts of the week … Continue reading

Top 10: Myths and Facts About Parenting

I am feeling a little precocious today so I wrote a (somewhat sarcastic) top 10 about some common parenting myths (with a few added bonus ones). Please feel free to add your own in the comments section since there really are so many to talk about. 1. We need to have a lot of money … Continue reading

Letting Go: How Do You Stop Chasing The Dragon?

“Not all who wander are lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkein I was sitting alone in a movie theatre on New Year’s Day when I wrote the original post.  All the fun of Christmas and New Year’s was gone and the cold dark winter had set in. I  really was feeling lost. It took me writing it out … Continue reading


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