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The Thursday Review

The Thursday Review: Chirp Magazine

Chirp December 2013 coverA few months ago my mom got my son a subscription to Chirp magazine as a gift and I have to say I have been so impressed that I just have to blog about it!

Since my mom was a teacher (and a great mom) she was always ordering us books from the book clubs through school.  I remember when I was young having a subscription to Highlights magazine.  So when my mom saw that they had a younger version called Chirp (and knowing that it thrills him to no end to receive mail) she got him a subscription.  I didn’t think much of it at first.  To be honest, I thought that it would probably be wasted on him because he would be too young to appreciate it.  Turns out, I was wrong!

What is Chirp?

From the website:

Chirp’s innovative package of stories, puzzles, and activities is designed for 3- to 6-year-olds to enjoy on their own and with their parents, grandparents, and loved ones. Made for little hands and growing minds, the colourful pages, silly jokes, engaging stories, and early-learning activities in Chirp inspire young children to make their first attempts at reading, writing, and creating with age-appropriate content that gives youngsters confidence.

Each uniquely-themed issue has regular features that Chirp readers grow to love and anticipate. The adventures of the magazine’s lovable yellow chick, Chirp, with his boundless curiosity and kindness, encourage children to play, imagine, and explore with their own friends. Kid-friendly crafts and recipes that can be made with household materials and ingredients inspire lasting memories. Stories made for reading together, featuring writing and illustration from North America’s most talented authors and artists, entertain and engage while preparing children for reading on their own.

Why I Love It

This magazine is actually perfect for a three year old.  It is full of activities, coloring, and even wordless stories that a three year old can “read”.  It is so educational, but it a very clever way that is fun for him.  Sitting down together we can read through the magazine and do the activities and he doesn’t get bored or lose interest like when we are just reading a book.  And the size is perfect for a youngster to hold and read themselves.

Themed Issues

wpid-IMAG0456_1.jpgFor example, the latest issue was all about bedtime.  Score!  I know for many of us bedtime can be tricky with youngsters so this was a great way for them to learn and get excited about it.  Score!

The Stories

The story this month was called Goodnight Kisses and it was a picture story about bedtime.  It was great because we could read it together and make up our own version.  I have noticed that my son is very good at reading from pictures.  He can pick up anything and know what it is, for example a can of soup. because he recognizes the images on the package.  For Christmas my dogs got a box of treats that included a pamphlet with coupons in it.  Whenwpid-IMAG0461_1.jpg he opened it and found the booklet he ran to me all excited.  “Look Mommy, it comes with instructions on how to feed them the treats” and then he “read” the instructions that matched with the pictures on the coupons of people feeding their dogs.  So this type of thing is perfect for him.

The Activities

There are plenty of activities to keep your little one busy. There was a picture for colouring, counting activities, and more all at his level.  For example there were four monsters and you had to match them up with the right sleeping bags.  Not only did the sizes of the monster correspond with a bag, but the pattern on the pjs matched too, making it easier for him to make the connection at first, but then learn about all the ways you know they went together.

wpid-IMAG0459.jpgPhysical Activity

Unlike a book, the magazine is full of fun physical activities to get your little ones going.  In this issue there was a page all about activities you can do in the snow which was great.  It even had a section with a few yoga poses to try!  It really shocked me that I was getting better ideas of things to do with my son from Chirp than I would find in Parenting Magazines!


There are also all kinds of fun extras in the magazine as well.  This issue had a bedtime wpid-IMAG0460_1.jpgchecklist that you could tear out and use for your child.  So awesome!  What a great way to get your child excited for bedtime, knowing they get a star for completing every task on the list.

The Price

The cost of the magazine is $34.95 in both Canada and the United States.  That my seem a bit pricey, but that works out to less than $3 an issues, and when you consider that the content in the magazine comes from curriculum experts across North America, it is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future.

Looks like the magazine has TWO new readers now!  If you have younger children and want something that is truly for them, I would highly recommend this magazine.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Please note that this is not a paid advertisement.  This is my real opinion and I have received no compensation for this post.

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