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My Perfect Stroller

If you have little ones you understand what a necessity a good stroller is, as well as how much they can sell for (up to $1500!!!)  So when you are buying one, whether new or used you are making an investment.  At this point I have used several strollers and while they all have qualities I like … Continue reading

I Am Going To Ride A Bike To Work

Being a busy working mom leaves little time for a gal to exercise.  Following my own advice that I can’t be a good mom unless I take care of myself too, I have decided I am going to start riding a bike  to work.   Eeeek! Everyone needs an outlet.  Lately, I feel like I am … Continue reading

The Rising Cost of Coffee As A Parent

If You Want To Be A Good Parent Be A Coach

The art of parenting is more internal that you realize.  Have you have ever thought, if my children would just behave I could be the type of parent I want to be?  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  Parenting is what you do when your children are giving you a hard time. It’s about controlling yourself, … Continue reading

9 Effective Exit Strategies for Pregnancy Announcements

Originally posted on Honestly Infertile:
It is never easy to prepare for a pregnancy announcement even when you are highly suspicious that it is coming.  It is even harder when you are completely blindsided by the friend that was “totally done” with having babies, an unwed cousin, or a workplace nemesis.  This article will help…

How Did I Almost Miss School Registration?

I do take pride in being a parent, I absolutely love it, but it always seems that just when I think I have everything all together, it turns out I am wrong.  Yesterday was a fun day. After work I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a bunch of things to make Valentine’s day cards and … Continue reading

Why Twins Are A Blessing

Today’s post is an oldie but a goodie from the day I realized how blessed I really am. While I always knew how lucky I was to have twins, our walk today confirmed it.  Twins really are a blessing.  It was a very welcome reminder because sometimes when you are so busy changing diapers and cleaning up … Continue reading

How to Raise a Socially Intelligent Child

Originally posted on allaboutmanners:
Your child lives in a very complicated social world. This has always been true for children: all parents can remember their own tears or rage at the cruelty of another child; all parents can remember wanting desperately to be accepted and approved of by other kids. Most of us can remember,…

Useless Baby Products

Come on, we have all done it. Seen something in the store or online and thought “Wow! What a great idea”. If we were lucky we had second thoughts, but that usually happens on your second child. Expecting your first you believe you will need all the companies tell you you just can’t live without. … Continue reading

When You Have Different Belief Systems, Who Gets the Kids?

Lately I have been having a huge issue with a topic that Daddy and I just don’t see eye to eye on.  Since it directly involves the kids  I am not sure what to do.  No, this is not a post about religion, but it does have to do with my core values and beliefs, my … Continue reading


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