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The Kids Are Away And Mom Is…Confused???

It’s the moment we all dream about.  The kids are going to their grandparents for the weekend (with Daddy).  This means mommy is on her own for two whole days!!!  Yet, for all my excitement, I am also filled with dread.

Crazy right?

You know how it is. I know I will be upset if I don’t make the most of this opportunity, but that is going to be tough because when you dream about something for so long, the reality never lives up to your expectations.  Especially since I seem to have a ton of excuses as to why it can’t be great.

First let me explain that I work on weekends, so there is 16 hours gone right there, plus that means I can’t do anything that is a daytime activity (or I would be at the ROM or AGO in a heartbeat).  Next, we are currently being hit by a huge snowstorm as I write this, so that is a factor as well.  Then, there is the fact that I didn’t have a lot of notice about this trip to make actual plans.  And then there is no way I can let the opportunity to properly clean the house sans children go by, so I have to fit in some hours for that.  Oh yeah, did I mention I don’t want to spend a lot of money???

Last time this happened was for a weekend in November of 2011 and it was fall then, so my “most” was having a couple of drinks, walking the dogs for 2.5 hours a day, doing a good cleaning and watching a bit of TV. I am happy with that.  I don’t really have friends so not missing anything there, and I see my family lots, and I already do most of my shopping online.

So what am I supposed to do?  It could be literally over a year before I get such an opportunity again so I know I will feel awful if I don’t make the most of it.  At the same time what is the “most”.  Is it going to bed early and actually getting sleep?  Is it going shopping?  To a movie?  Blogging? I feel like a kid on a budget in a candy store…which one to choose?

I know, I know, this is definitely a first world problem, but hey I blog about life, and this is my life.  It is day one, and here I sit with my mind racing trying to decide what to do?  I am actually laughing about how lost and confused I am!!!  Being a mommy has been my identity for so long, it is just plain weird when I don’t have a million responsibilities and a to-do list a mile long. I used to have friends and hobbies and a gym membership, but all that was put on hold until the kids are old enough that I could try to work those back in.

I suppose really what I need to realize is that no matter how I spend it, it will at least be different from the norm, and as long as I enjoy myself that’s all that matters.  I should be thankful because this shows how good things in my life are normally, that when this opportunity does arise there is nothing I really NEED to do (other than cleaning).  It does worry me that if I feel this way now, what will I do once the children don’t need me as much permanently?  Eh, I am sure they will always need me plenty and that I will find something to keep me busy.

So let’s hear it.  Has something like this ever happened to you?  Your so used to being busy that when you are not, you don’t know what to do?  Feel free to share your stories/ suggestions in the comment box.


About Shannon

I am a university educated full-time working mother of four children. Proudly Canadian, I freeze my butt off along with my loving partner, two dogs and a cat. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them, but if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.


7 thoughts on “The Kids Are Away And Mom Is…Confused???

  1. normally I would say shopping, movie etc. But since you are having a snowstorm then I would say good book, and a bottle of wine That sounds like heaven to me! oh yeah and a nap or too!

    Posted by April | February 2, 2014, 10:36 am
  2. Just to update (since it is now day two) after work I went shopping at the Eaton Centre (but didn’t buy anything), got gas, went home, bundled up and took the dogs for a 1.5 hour walk (yes it was crazy but enjoyable in spite of it all because I had no stroller to push) then I made some dinner (I managed to somehow screw up spaghetti…worst cook ever) and drank a few glasses of light wine while watching Season 3 of Sherlock (damn that show is awesome). It was a good night, but I stayed up too late!

    Posted by Shannon | February 2, 2014, 11:54 am
  3. I don’t know how old yours are but if u have at least one toddler….this is what you should do

    – go to the bathroom BY YOURSELF and enjoy your alone time.
    – eat food while it’s still hot
    – sleep in
    – take the dare of watching two adult (non cartoon) a row!
    – buy a snack…and then enjoy not having to share

    Idk. It sounds boring but I have a toddler so those items are more rare than diamonds in my household :p

    Posted by The mom | February 2, 2014, 11:58 am
    • Ha ha ha! I have one year old twins and a three year old (plus two dogs) so there is no such thing as alone time. I work full time and on weekends so unfortunately sleeping in was not an option. I did, however watch adult television and I do plan to have a nice hot bath alone 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

      Posted by Shannon | February 2, 2014, 12:26 pm
  4. Kids not around for the weekend? I do not understand this concept. Can you please explain further? LOL

    Posted by Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth | February 2, 2014, 6:45 pm

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