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The Name Says it All: Choosing a Name For Your Blog

how-to-choose-a-blog-nameLately I have started following some new blogs with great names so I thought I’d do a throwback Thursday and rerun this post.  I look forward to hearing about how/why you chose the name for your blog.

I have to admit, I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read and follow and the name is a big factor in whether I click or not. Some names are funny, clever, real or something else all together.

Really a blog could be amazing, but if the name isn’t it can be a tough sell.  Sometimes you can see a person has changed their mind because their domain name and title of the blog don’t match.

Looking at the variety of names I thought it would be interesting to hear how/why people chose to name their blog how they did.

In my case, I really didn’t think much about it. My blog was just for me and I came at it with the approach of “hope I can find something that isn’t already taken”. I tried twinlife and twinlife2013 was available so I took it.imagesCA1BCD9I

Then, as my blog grew, I decided I wanted to have my own domain. This was exciting and I decided it was time to give my site a bit of a makeover, including a new name.

One of my favourite shows is Game of Thrones. I was sitting there watching the latest episode when it hit me, Game of Diapers! It made so much sense. I had changed almost 180 diapers the week we brought home the twins (Sawyer wasn’t potty trained then). Plus, our daughter Sansa did get her name from the books. Finally, I like referring to it as a game, because that is my outlook on life. I think humour is one of the most valuable tools you can have when dealing with difficult situations (ie. Three kids under three and two dogs to look after).

choosing-a-website-nameLucky for me, Game of Diapers was available, and so I took it. It was available almost everywhere went, twitter, email, Facebook, pinterest etc.  Except when I got to Tumblr it said the name was already in use.  “Great”, I thought to myself. Some other mom must have gotten there before me.

So, boy was I shocked when I clicked on it to discover it was a site about a gross teenager blogging about how he needed to wear diapers while playing video games so he doesn’t have to stop to go to the washroom. Eeeew! (I ended up just going with the full name which is A Game of Diapers).

I often wonder about people who are specific in their name titles Like Motherofthree (I just made that up for example) because what happens if you have a fourth?  Ironically, I was so busy it didn’t occur to me that there would be a time when the kids were no longer in diapers and then what would I do?  To be honest it makes me kind of sad to think about that day when I won’t have any babies anymore, but for now I am going to leave that bridge until I get to it.

I think one if the funniest things about my blog name is seeing in WordPress the terms people searched to get to my site. They must be so disappointed to see it is a parenting blog and not pictures of a “sexy mom in diapers” or how to play “sexy diaper games”. Some people out there are so weird!

So that’s my story, let’s hear yours. How did you choose the name of your blog? Is there any advice you would give to someone who is currently trying to decide what to call theirs?


About Shannon

I am a university educated full-time working mother of four children. Proudly Canadian, I freeze my butt off along with my loving partner, two dogs and a cat. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them, but if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.


38 thoughts on “The Name Says it All: Choosing a Name For Your Blog

  1. As a child i had read somewhere that Pisces see the world through rose-tinted glasses. I knew that was apt for me as i used to day dream most of the time and avoid reading or seeing the negative in anything. So when i decided to blog i wanted to portray the positive but sometimes i speak what i want to and many may not agree with me. So i chose this name. My blog a general blog with some short stories thrown in once in a while. I also believe that humor is our best weapon, however i can’t get myself to write the way you do. I have a long road ahead.

    Posted by khushnumab | February 13, 2014, 7:16 am
  2. I used my title Tales of a slightly stressed Mother because that’s what fits now and probably will continue to do so as I have 4 children ranging in age from 6 – 15 years. I do worry though that people who click on my blog will only be expecting tales of harassment as I tend to favour more conversational pieces and generally write what I feel like!

    Posted by calmgirl06 | February 13, 2014, 7:39 am
  3. Now I’m inspired to be more creative with my blog name! Eh. Maybe. I might keep changing my mind and confuse current subscribers instead of attracting more. But I loved reading this!

    Posted by tawnimarie | February 13, 2014, 7:56 am
    • Well, you can have two sites and they redirect to eachother. My WordPress title is Twinlife2013 but my domain is game of diapers. If you type in twinlife2013 you just get automatically redirected (not that you should change your name, just in case you wanted to know). Cheers!

      Posted by Shannon | February 13, 2014, 9:48 am
  4. I figured that motherhood is an everlasting learning process no matter how many kids or how old they are. Since I’m a mom and the concept of training wheels is one that represents learning, I figured that mommytrainingwheels was the way to go.

    Posted by mommytrainingwheels | February 13, 2014, 8:26 am
  5. My blog name is “the stroller chronicles”. It came about because I wanted to chronicle our story on having identical twin boys. I quickly found it was impossible for me to leave the house without a stroller and two infants. I also found that many people were drawn to our bright red city select. So the stroller chronicles it is

    Posted by thestrollerchronicles | February 13, 2014, 9:35 am
    • I agree with that! I tell everyone expecting twins stroller equals freedom! We got out at least once a day, everyday for their first year starting at three months and I could not have done it without my stroller. While my son stopped riding in the stroller at only 16 months I am going to encourage the twins to stay in since I only have two hands! I also like your name because it makes me think of a journey which is what parenting is. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Posted by Shannon | February 13, 2014, 9:52 am
  6. When all my kids were little, I would probably have named the blog something like “snot, spit and poop” since that was what my life seemed to consist of during that time!! hehe… Now, “Horses, dirt and motherhood” seems to cover it all. My friend came up with that name since I am not that creative!!!

    Posted by vrein11 | February 13, 2014, 10:02 am
  7. LOL! I’m dying over here because I just read about that creepy teen in diapers…your blog title is clever! My original title for my blog was “Road to Fertility” because I was documenting our journey to becoming pregnant..when we DID get pregnant and I became a mom, most of my posts were mommy related. Since I had a lot of followers who originally followed me because they too were struggling with infertility issues, I didn’t want my blog to be misleading so I decided to change the name. I thought about the name change for awhile, not gonna lie…brainstormed, browsed, googled..and then it hit me. Tales of a Twin Mombie. Because I will always be a mother of twins and I’m pretty positive I will remain in my Mombie status throughout a good portion of their lives. lol.

    Posted by Tales of a Twin Mombie | February 13, 2014, 11:14 am
    • I have noticed that with infertility blogs. Eventually, the people conceive and then they stop dead or turn into parenting blogs, which like you said can be the last thing someone ttc with IF wants to read. I live your title and I think it’s totally appropriate. 🙂

      Posted by Shannon | February 13, 2014, 11:37 am
  8. This blog really hit home with me Shannon. I thought up a name for my blog before I really found my voice as a blogger and now I often wonder if I choose the perfect name. Of course, now that I am developing a following, it’s a bit late for that. Also, I like the whole ‘glorious results’ thing but not that my actual name shows up when there is a new post from me in emails. I guess my age and lack of computer savvy is obvious there in that I didn’t know that would happen when I created my page. I often want to write a blog called “WordPress: How Does This Thing Work Anyway?” and see what kind of response a get!

    Posted by Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth | February 13, 2014, 11:51 am
  9. My kids were in the tub and I was sitting in the bathroom with them, noodling on my netbook. I had decided to sign-up for Pinterest and I guess I wanted a witty nom du plume. Kind of like naming my children, the name “Butterflymumma” dropped into my head as an already fully formed thought. Somehow, it keeps finding more and more levels to be a propos for me, so guess it’s worked out. I used it later when I started my blog and I registered both the .com and .ca (it redirects, as you said) domains for it. And I got to official adopt the butterfly as my personal symbol, which is a great bonus. I love it.

    There IS another “butterflymumma” on tunblr and youtube, however, and she sometimes has a bit of potty mouth. So that’s a drawback.

    Posted by butterflymumma | February 13, 2014, 1:27 pm
  10. I enjoy being a mom and had such a hard time getting pregnant. I wanted to start a blog to share the hilarious experiences I have with my daughters. Having twins has been such a blessing so I always find it perplexing when people walk up to admire my daughters and either start or end the conversations two ways: “you’ve got your hands full” or “I don’t know how you do it, I’d go crazy”. My life may be crazy at times because of two little ones going through similar fazes but it is all I know and I love it! Thus the name, “Desperately Seeking Sanity” –

    Posted by kristagarrett | February 13, 2014, 3:12 pm
  11. I recently started blogging and its definitely tmi but I called my blog “4th degree parenting” I experienced a 4th degree tear in my first labor as a parting gift…I then got pregnant 4 months later! Seemed like the right title for me. I was terrified of labor so much that I got pregnant again I blame alcohol and bad math for that!

    Posted by katetheo12 | February 13, 2014, 4:58 pm
    • Wow! You are so lucky to get pregnant so easily. I never would have made that connection, but I feel you. I needed nine stitches after delivering my son and he fractured my tailbone so I was definitely hurting lol. Thanks for sharing your story.

      Posted by Shannon | February 13, 2014, 5:06 pm
  12. Similar to you, I used to blog using an old name that was just kind of “meh” (and so was the blog, honestly). Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to start fresh and really revamp my blog. I knew motherhood and my lifestyle as a police wife would be the 2 main subjects of the blog, and Mom Life Blue Wife came to me one day in an epiphany! I got lucky that the domain was available and went for it!

    Posted by Mom Life Blue Wife | February 13, 2014, 10:21 pm
  13. My blog’s name is “How to raise a tiger” (or…soo to be self hosted)

    I chose the name for many reasons but one of them being that my son is a “high needs child” that is always go go go, everywhere at all times (kinda like raising a tiger when everyone around you has kittens) but I don’t like labels cuz it’s not a syndrome or illness, it’s character traits…so I choose to call him my tiger cub.

    The unofficial reason though is that that it’s a play on our last name. But that story is so much less cool :p

    Posted by The mom | February 14, 2014, 4:53 am
  14. When I started my blog I was on a mission to re-discover myself with and beyond my kids’ tantrums, the sleepless nights, the diapers, formula etc. I kept wondering what defines the me before and the me with 3 kids (besides paranoia, bad language, poor mathematical aptitudes) the thing that stayed and that reminds me that first and foremost I should aim to be a happy woman to be a happy mom. And that s what red lipstick makes me feel strong and fun hence
    Plus before having kids I was not sure I even wanted kids but somehow kids esp. babies were very attracted to me. I eventually figured out it was the bright red lips, that and my non stop chatter made me look like a wacko cartoon character.

    Posted by redlipstickmama | February 14, 2014, 6:28 am
    • Lol. I completely sympathize with that. When I first read your title I hit follow right away because it made me think of a mom with her stuff together, and that’s the kind of thing I want to read 🙂 thanks for sharing.

      Posted by Shannon | February 14, 2014, 8:15 am
  15. My blog name came from my OB when I was pregnant…he kept telling me, “You’re jumping into the deep end; being a parent to twins is serious business.” Ha! I didn’t get it until my twins were about 3 weeks old, our help had gone home and my hubby and I were exhaustedly walking the floor with two crying babies…it clicked! Love your blog name and the story behind it. 🙂

    Posted by livinginthedeepend | February 15, 2014, 5:04 pm
  16. My blog name is kind of self-explanatory, since it is about things I learned today and my name is Heather. I just wanted to comment on the fact that people stumble upon your blog because they are searching for “sexy diaper play?!” Oh my word. I honestly cannot think of a thing that is sexy about diapers.

    Posted by thingsheatherlearnedtoday | February 16, 2014, 1:24 am
    • You would not believe the search terms that would get people to my blog. Here are a few: “Mother in diapers” “photo sexy my mom diaper” “sexy parents diapers blog”… Yeah, there are some weirdos out there! LOL I have heard other bloggers talk about it too, so I guess I am not alone. Thanks for stopping by.

      Posted by Shannon | February 16, 2014, 9:06 am

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