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Looking In The Mirror: Ending The Cycle Of Parental Judgement

It never ceases to amaze me how much judgement goes on in the parenting community.  Even the tiniest decisions become controversial and anyone is willing to judge you based solely on what they see or the very limited amount of information they know about you. Rather than simply complaining about it or telling people to … Continue reading

Almost three months old. Where are we now?

It’s amazing how far we have come in just a year!  Here is my post from this weekend last year, about the girls at three months. Now that the girls are almost three months let’s look at some of the things they can do (so you know what to expect, give or take). June: -can … Continue reading

Three Month Check In: Project Me

It has been about three months since I embarked on Project Me, and while things don’t feel that different, after reflection I have actually changed quite a bit!  This just goes to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  Here are some updates on the various challenges I set … Continue reading

Top 10: Cute But Inappropriate Things Babies Do

When people ask me about the twins I always find myself gushing about how they are at a great age.  While they get into a world of trouble, they are so cute when they do it, it doesn’t seem to register.  If they were older and did these things it would be a problem but since … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: L’Oreal Feria Extra Bleach Blonding #205

After being back to blonde (a variation of my natural colour) for a while now, I decided it was time for a change.  Maybe it was because I had never done the whole bleach think before or constantly being surrounded by the beautiful baby white and blonde looks of my children I decided to go … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: The Twinnado Strikes

True story!


I can not believe it but today A Game of Diapers reached 1000 WordPress followers. I would like to thank each and every one of you that take the time to read my blog, comment on my posts, like and share my FB updates and tweets.  I love being a part of the blogging community … Continue reading

Redemption Is Sweet

While I may have (almost) missed Sawyer’s school registration, I redeemed myself by getting him into summer day camp  and I a so excited. In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I had a moment when I discovered that school registration for Junior Kindergarten was in February and I just got the last … Continue reading

Top 12 Timesaving Tips For Busy Moms

As a full-time working mom of three I always feel like there are never enough hours in the day.  But I have found that if you are smart about it you can really make the most of what time you have.  “You must be so busy”, or “wow, you have your hands full” are comments … Continue reading

PINTEREST – The place no decent mother should click on.

Originally posted on The Mum Network :
It’s has been said that you can tell the state of a woman’s mind by the state of their handbag. Um………… Just looked in my handbag and found no end to spilled Eclipse mints, nappies, wipes, tiny teddy’s, lipgloss, half eaten chuppa chups and multiple idevices that have been…


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