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The Thursday Review

The Thursday Review: President’s Choice Organic Baby Food


I am re-running this article because I am an idiot.  If you read my blog you will know that I have been going through some ethical issues with choosing food for my children.  Someone recommended going organic (in terms of meat) which was something I had never thought about (I only ever thought of produce in terms of organic, I guess because I am a vegetarian).  It must have taken me a week to realize that I ALREADY AM feeding the kiddos organic because this is what I buy, and it gave me an even stronger love for PC Organic Baby Products.  I also discovered that PC sells Organic Milk!!!  I am so excited to be able to buy milk from free range , grass-fed cows right at my local grocery store (downside, not sure if my budget will burst since it’s over twice the price of what we were buying but it tastes better and is world’s better for the cows).  If you live in Canada and you have not tried this line of products then definitely read my review.

There are so many baby foods out there these days.  Cheap, expensive, jarred, bagged, organic, etc. etc. it is hard to know what to choose for your baby.  After three kids I have tried most of the options out there, including making my own, and I have to say that I love the President’s Choice Organic Baby Food.

Admittedly, I did not try this product line with the intention of writing a review, but I have come to love it so much that I felt it was my duty to let other parents know how great it is.

The reasons I like this food so much are the price, the varieties, the selection, its organic, and I love PC products in general.

PRICE: I am a thrifty mom.  I clip coupons and buy sales whenever I can.  That being said, I never scrimp when it comes to the kids (as demonstrated by the fact that I purchase the most expensive formula).  Compared to other baby brands, PC baby food is on par or much cheaper than they are.  I do my grocery shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore (which is an AMAZING place to get deals on groceries and baby products, by the way).  They often have the PC food on sale.  This week it was $0.62 a small jar, $0.88 for the big jar, and $1 for the bagged.  This was cheaper than the Heinz which was $0.79 a jar, and some other organic food that was $1 a jar.  Yes, I know the cheapest thing to do is to make your own baby food but sadly, I do not really have the time, plus the girls have had problems swallowing anything other than super fine purees.  I never had this problem with Sawyer and made lots of his food myself.

THE VARIETIES: As you may know, I am a vegetarian.  Sawyer was for his first year and so far the girls have been too.  With Sawyer, I often had trouble finding varieties that did not have meat in them.  It was the basic, squash, yams, peas, carrots, prunes etc.  No complex flavours to choose from (especially in the 8 month+).  It is important for young children to be exposed to a variety of flavours to help prevent them from becoming picky eaters (See Starting Solid Foods).  With PC there is a huge variety of flavour combinations to choose from.  My girls love the oats and prunes, green beans and apples, fruit and rice blend, carrot, apple, mango apricot and millet, and peas and carrots.  The 8+ month range has even more complex flavours with added spices like cinnamon but unfortunately the girls can’t quite swallow it yet.

THE SELECTION: It doesn’t just stop with pureed foods.  PC has an entire feeding line that transitions you from baby to toddler.  Everything from finger foods to little dinners are available for you to choose from.  Sawyer was a big fan of their toddler dinners and they were quick and easy for me to take and feed him on the go (he liked them cold).  Once again, they come in a great selection of flavours, and have lots of meat free options.


IT’S ORGANIC: Truthfully, I am not a mom who really puts a lot of weight on whether food are organic or not.  In fact, I usually don’t purchase organic produce because it’s more expensive, and I think that as long as I buy local and wash it, it’s not a big deal.  That being said, since I can get a product that is organic as well as preservative/ additive free, for a good price, why wouldn’t I? I do think organic is better for the environment, and I do want the best for my children, so I really do appreciate that aspect of the food line.

I LOVE PC PRODUCTS:  I have been a long time buyer of PC products, and always tried to shop at stores that carry them.  I remember when I was young, grocery store brands like No Name were always considered (and usually were) sub par to brand name products.  President’s Choice changed all of that by breaking the mould and coming up with new and innovative products like Pulled pork Lasagna, and healthy lines like their Blue Menu or Organic lines.  Again, I was especially drawn to their products because of the price and their large selection of vegetarian products.  I have made many a meat eater smile after eating one of their Vegetarian Portobello Swiss Burgers 😉

OVERALL: Whether you have twins or not, I would highly recommend you check out the PC Organics food.  This is an honest review from my heart and I did not receive any compensation for writing this. Visit their website at for more information.

wpid-food_in_poop_out_funny_baby_t_shirt_humor-r3e809a0356f04e26b2e87209b34a4897_f0cjd_512.jpgOne Thing To Note: In general, I do not recommend buying baby food in the squeeze bag as opposed to the jar.  While the bag seems bigger, you actually get the same amount of food as in the jar but for usually almost twice the price.  Yes, they are convenient, but you can buy refillable squeezy bags for $5 and use those or try an Easy Squeezy Spoon (see The Thursday Review: Baby Feeding Accessories).  Since PC does have some great and unique flavours in the bag I do buy them occasionally when they are on sale, but since I am feeding twins to only buy them would be way too costly.

Happy Feeding!

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One thought on “The Thursday Review: President’s Choice Organic Baby Food

  1. I believe on your comments and it pushed me to buy pc organic food for my baby. I have feed my baby few jars before seeing the reviews but as I saw that, all organic food comming from USA then feels bad like how USA made could be orgabic as USA only one country who introduced GMO food worldwide, i don’t believed pc brands then searched for review and found your comments and blved you, gonna buy but as you said, you didn’t get compensation!!!!

    Posted by Nspoly | March 30, 2016, 11:16 am

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