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Wordless Wednesday: My Favourite Tattoo

I have three tattoos, a butterfly, a lotus flower, and this one.  In the future both Daddy and I plan to get ones that symbolize our family (we just haven’t gotten around to it).  I often forget it’s there (it’s on my ankle) but then I see it and I smile, so here it is. … Continue reading

How To Win At Purchasing An E-Bike

Spring is coming and this is the time when people think about buying a new bike.  While most of us have seen an e-bike or heard about them but they still remain a mystery to most people.  As the proud owner of a new e-bike I thought I would share some of the wisdom I gained … Continue reading

It’s More Fun To Parent One?

As a mother of three I can say that a mother’s love does not divide, it multiples.  I love that I have three kids and would gladly have more.  Yet, I find when I am alone with just one of my children things are so different. Yesterday I took Sawyer to Wal-Mart to look for … Continue reading

How to combat negative thoughts

Originally posted on Working Mom Inspiration:
Last night I had a dream of a centipede rolling its slimy body under the refrigerator.  Thanks to TheIAmBlog I am paying more attention to my dreams.  One online dream interpretation site bluntly stated “to dream of a centipede is to have a lot of negative thoughts.” Well there was…

What does strength look like?

Originally posted on A Calm Persistence:
You know, after a text conversation with a friend and then today one of my fellow IF bloggers emailed me, I started to reflect about strength- I haven’t been feeling very strong lately. Am I strong? What does strength really look like in the midst of infertility? So, here’s…

Bringing Sexy Back to Infertility [NIAW]

Originally posted on brooke mardell:
“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” –Henry David Thoreau This is a week-long series to invite you to look through the eyes of infertility for a moment, as part of the NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week). This is not…

Top 10: Benefits of Being Infertile

Trying to lighten the mood this week today I am reposting a top 10 from 999 Reasons to Laugh At Infertility (the site is no longer active but click to visit FB page).  I hope you enjoy or at least have a laugh 🙂 So what if your uterus’ isn’t behaving! Who cares if your husband’s … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Infertility Heros

Coping With Infertility One Word At A Time

Today’s post is one I wrote a few months ago.  It is about some of the feelings that I have felt since this whole thing began and marked the beginning of my letting go.  You will probably find you have had similar thoughts if you also suffer from IF.  It’s okay, it’s normal, and you need … Continue reading

Free Pregnancy Testing

Originally posted on Honestly Infertile:
Dedicated to all the POAS-aholics like me. Happy National Infertility Awareness Week! Honestly Infertile View original post


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