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Mourning the Loss of the Jolly Jumper

It was a pretty average Monday, not so different from any other when I was sitting on the couch and hubs casually turned to me and said, “oh, by the way, I promised to give the jolly jumper to my cousin.” My world started spinning. What? The jolly jumper that I had purchased for Sawyer … Continue reading

Eating Healthy On the Go for Busy Moms

If you are like me and constantly running between work and home, your kids and your dogs, you may find yourself lacking in time to eat proper meals. Yes, it does help to keep me slim, but by the same token, I get so hungry that by the time I do eat I will eat … Continue reading

Improve Your Home Without Spending A Dime

Does your living room look like a toys R us catalogue threw up? Do you find yourself feeling uneasy in your living room? Does your kitchen look more like disaster area than a place you would actually like to eat food? If you answered yes to any of these questions read on to find out … Continue reading

10 tips to get your child ready for school

It’s almost August and that means just one month until my son starts junior kindergarten! Excited and a little cautious I have been reading a few articles about how I can get him ready, and I have turned them into a quick and easy list for my fellow moms and dads in the same position. … Continue reading

Game of Diapers Reaches 100,000 Views!

No matter how many milestones you achieve, they are always just as sweet. Thanks so much for reading my blog, commenting and sharing. I do hope to be back from hiatus soon so thanks for hanging in there with me. Cheers!

Why The “Terrible Twos” Weren’t Terrible At All

As my son is about to turn four and the girl’s are starting to creep towards two, I am caught between the memory of what was two and what is to be two (times 2).  Here was my take on it the first time around. Everyone hears about it. Even before I had kids, I … Continue reading

Things To Do With the Kids This Summer

Summer is here and the kids are finished school, which means you need to get creative about how to keep them busy and entertained.  in order to help I have compiled a list of a bunch of my Thursday Reviews about places to take the family. Below are some of the ways I have fun … Continue reading


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