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Improve Your Home Without Spending A Dime

Does your living room look like a toys R us catalogue threw up?

Storage bins don't work so well when the kids dump everything out to sit in them. LOL

Storage bins don’t work so well when the kids dump everything out to sit in them. LOL

Do you find yourself feeling uneasy in your living room?

Does your kitchen look more like disaster area than a place you would actually like to eat food?

If you answered yes to any of these questions read on to find out about a few changes that will improve your home, your life, and they won’t cost you as dime.

Yesterday I found myself looking around my house and realizing that we have now been living there for almost a year! While the time has flown by it started to hit me that even after 10 months I was not satisfied with the way things were in the house. So I decided to do some research about how I could improve the layout of my home. As you know I am very into organization and have shared many tips and tricks with you going along, but this was something more. I started reading about the art of feng shui, and whether you believe it or not, I do believe it contains some practical and useful information about how to make the most of the space you live in. By following these five tips I made some really positive improvements in my home that have made me feel happier and more at ease when I am surrounded by the chaos of my life.

1. Get rid of the clutter! While this one is so obvious, I find it is easily overlooked. I say overlooked because once you have a family and the accumulation of gobs of “stuff” begins you start to get desensitized to all of the things that are in fact cluttering up you home. Take a good long look at what you have and decide if you really need it. Have you used it in six months? Does it serve a purpose? If you do need it, then make sure it has a proper “home”, somewhere that it belongs, and is not just lingering on a table somewhere. If you don’t then donate it to charity or pass it along to someone else who could use it.

2. Take a look at your front door. Your front door is the entrance to your home, the place where all the energy flows into your house, and yet, in my case anyways, it is one of the most cluttered places in the house. First off you have to open the door with caution because you have no idea what could be on the other side like trash waiting to be taken out, shoes discarded on the mat, or even a sleeping dog hoping for a walk! Then, once you get in it is a tight squeeze between the closet (which had a broken door and is bursting with stuff), the washroom door, oodles of shoes and the ghetto baby gate we have blocking the main staircase. And cleaning is not the solution. I had to rearrange things, organize, and set some house rules but now when I come home I open the door to a nice inviting space and I feel happy to be home instead of stressed and overwhelmed.

3. Examine the placement of your furniture. Try to place main pieces, such as bedroom furniture or desks, in the “command position.” This is simply the space facing the door, and off to the side. Without knowing anything about Feng Shui, most people have an innate sense of the good energy of this position. In a meeting, for example, most people try to grab the seats in this area of the room. If you place your office desk and chair in this position, you might see an increase in productivity. You may find you feel more at ease with your couch facing towards the door so you can see who’s coming rather than having it at your back. Fireplaces, couches or nice armchairs all make good focal points, just remember to choose one and stick with it.

The babies attempting to break through the baby gate.

The babies attempting to break through the baby gate.

4. Think about mirrors and lighting. In rooms like the kitchen where you may not be able to dictate the placement of furniture so much, try putting a light under the cupboards to light up the counter top or hang a mirror to open up the room and allow you to see windows and doors that would otherwise be out of view. Tip: when you have little kids mirrors are a great way to keep an eye on them and make them think that you really do have “eyes in the back of your head” LOL

5. What does your house smell like? Even as I write that question I cringe because with three little kids, two dogs and a cat I dare not guess what it smells like at this moment, but, smell is something to consider. Your sense of smell is one of your primal senses and can have a large effect on how you feel, like smelling something putrid can actually make you sick to your stomach. This doesn’t mean that you should go flooding your home with a bunch of fake chemical scents. Just be aware. Try to make sure to take the garbage out, and not have dirty dishes lying around. Open the windows whenever you can and let the fresh air in. Be aware of all the scents contained in your cleaners and soaps so that you are not flooded with a jumble of fragrances. I do find things like fabric refreshers helpful to eliminate odours without overkill, but that’s a personal preference.

After two weeks of making these changes, both I and my family have noticed a positive difference. It really is amazing. I urge to give it a chance and see what you think. And of course, feel free to chime in with your own tips in the comments section.

Happy Feng Shuing!


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6 thoughts on “Improve Your Home Without Spending A Dime

  1. Great advice! I’m so on top of this 🙂

    Posted by DarcSunshine | July 24, 2014, 9:52 am
  2. Yes to the clutter for sure!!!

    Posted by Theresa | July 24, 2014, 12:52 pm

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