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Eating Healthy On the Go for Busy Moms

jugglingIf you are like me and constantly running between work and home, your kids and your dogs, you may find yourself lacking in time to eat proper meals. Yes, it does help to keep me slim, but by the same token, I get so hungry that by the time I do eat I will eat just about anything regardless of calories or fat or time of day (and really you shouldn’t be eating “dinner” at 9:30pm).

Here are some of the ways I have found to keep my hunger at bay while still nourishing my body.

1.  Take your vitamins. Believe it or not medical research has demonstrated that too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you, at least when it comes to vitamins. However, if you know that you are lacking in something, vitamins are a great way to help boost your system. For example, being a vegetarian I tend to have low iron so I take an iron supplement to make up for it.

 2.  Always have (preferably healthy) snacks in your purse or bag. This iswpid-wp-1406229297463.jpeg actually a win win, because when you find yourself hungry you have something to munch on, or if you are out with hungry/fussy kids you have a great remedy right in your bag. Some great ideas for this are a ziplock of cheerios, crackers, or a cereal bar. If you want something a little less “old school” there are now lots of new healthy pre-packaged snacks available. I love those Dole Live Right pouches. The blueberry pomegranate almond mini crunch is awesome and only 110 calories. 

3.  Pack a lunch, the night before. Not only will this save you a bunch of money, it will help keep you away from all those food court temptations. Plus, if you are super busy you can just eat at your desk and not even have to worry about leaving to get something to eat. I always pack my lunch the night before so in the morning chaos. I can just grab it and go. I know that if I am in too much of a rush, making my lunch would be one of the first things to go. 

4.  Invest in some good Tupperware. These days they have all kinds of different containers from salad bowls that include the fork in the lid and a separate part for dressing to my personal favourite cereal containers that keep the cereal on one side and the milk on the other until you mix it. Mine even has the spoon built right in. Oh and as an aside if you need to bring liquid (ie. Milk for cereal) baby bottles work great because they never leak (although your colleagues may laugh at you).

 5.  Stock your workplace. If you have a desk, office, fridge or somewhere you can store healthy foods, do it. If you take a bunch of bananas with you to work on a Monday instead of just one you are then set for the week. Plus you can always make new friends when you offer up some fruit to fellow hungry colleagues. I will take pints of raspberries or blueberries and leave them in the fridge for snacking.

6.  Drink lots of water. It is so important to hydrate and sometimes if you are not eating you are not drinking either. Get a reuseable water bottle and carry it with you wherever possible. I know it’s bad for the environment but I stash bottles of water everywhere from the car to the stroller to the diaper bag so that I can quench my thirst. Plus I feel like supermom when my son says he’s thirsty and I can whip out a water for him.

 While the true solution would be to slow down, since we all know that isn’t happening I hope you find these tips helpful and as always if you have tips of your own please share in the comments section.

Bon Appetit!


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