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How did we become that Wal-Mart Family??

Everyone knows about “the people” you see at Wal-Mart. By “people” I mean those stereotypes perpatrated by Twitter and Facebook of moms in mumus with six kids she can’t control or the dad wearing a “wifebeater” (tight white tank) that isn’t so clean and does nothing to hide his beer gut. Well last night I … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Listening

Schools teach kids how to read and write, but one very important skill is overlooked.  Teaching kids how to listen.  New research reports that as parents we can have a big impact on teaching our kids to be active listeners. Various studies stress the importance of listening as a communication skill. It is generally accepted … Continue reading

How To Get Your Children To Eat Their Junk Food

Making sure your child gets plenty of calories, fat and sugar is not always easy, but here are some creative ways you can make sure that they stay away from all those nasty fruits and vegetables. 1. Stay away from food with flavour. Processed foods tend to be blander than unprocessed foods so if you … Continue reading

It’s Picture Day at Gap Kids in Toronto

You know just how adorable your child is, so now let everyone else know. This Saturday at the Bay and Blood store in Toronto Gap Kids is having its very first photo day.  Not only do you get a free portrait of your child, he or she will be entered in the casting call. And … Continue reading

Upcoming Topic Ideas

As I try to get back into blogging I find myself coming up short for interesting post ideas. So, if there is a topic you would like me to write about or a question to answer please post it in the comments section and I will be happy to oblige.


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