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Dinnertime Is Primetime

In honour of the impending holidays I decided to write about one of my favourite commercials.  I don’t know if you have seen the series Maple Leaf Chicken commercials, but even though I am a long time vegetarian, and not a fan of Maple Leaf, there is something about them that resonates for me.

The commercials consist of families, cooking and eating together set to a backdrop of beautiful music and poetry. There are three in the series, but unfortunately I could only find clips of one and two.

Commercial One

Mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters,
Gather ’round familiar quarters.
Tell us what happened this day.
Laugh some, share some,
Talk, and then some.
Fill your plates with tender meat,
Succulent taste, health, and love.
Time found, moments made.
What matters is here.
Dinner time is Prime time.

Commercial Two

The sun heads west, smiles get sweet,

Stop spinning world, for now we eat.

Swapping tales, taking time,

With luscious feasts, and all that’s prime.

In quilts of memories, smiles are threads,

Not now night, we are breaking bread.

Dinnertime is prime time.

It’s amazing how this commercial instantly transports you back to a wonderful time when you were enjoying spending time and eating a meal with loved ones.  I find it both heartwarming and disheartening at the same time, because while I have such wonderful memories of these moments, I know that times are changing and these moments are becoming more and more scarce.

Recent studies show fewer and fewer families at dinner together.  Whether it’s because they are eating on the run to get the kids to hockey practice or ballet, or because mom and dad work different shifts, or maybe it’s to eat in front of the television, more families spend less time in the kitchen cooking and eating together than ever before.

Firstly, this is unhealthy.  By definition anything made from actual ingredients is going to be healthier because it does not contain the salt and preservatives that processed foods do (I mean what really is that orange powder in Kraft Dinner anyway?) Secondly, food eaten on the run tends to make you feel less satiated, leading to eating more food in the long run.

Secondly, family time is slipping away, or at least my version of it is.  Maybe in the future everyone will hook up on their “Dinnertime is Prime Time” app and video chat with each other while they eat (actually that’s not a bad idea! Better than nothing.) but it is still not the same as gathering around the dinner table.

Event during the holidays, these moments are becoming scarce.  The more commercialized holidays become, the more stressful they become, the more tense they become, etc. etc.  Why can’t Thanksgiving dinner just be about love and family, turning of the television, the phones, the computers, and hanging out in the kitchen cooking, laughing and eating real food, together?

I guess this post is a sign of my age, or that fact that I have grown up in an age of technology where things change overnight (for instance the use of the term “selfie” was up 1700% this year) but I really wish there were some things we could hold on to.

In my house we don’t get to eat dinner together because hubs and I work different shifts, and they eat meat and I don’t, I don’t cook, and the girls are still a chore to feed so its easier to do it separately.  But my hope is that one day, the kids will be helping in the kitchen, we will laugh and joke, and we will all sit down to a nice dinner together and enjoy the food and the conversation.

Dinnertime is prime time.

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3 thoughts on “Dinnertime Is Primetime

  1. People are always shocked when I tell them that growing up my family pretty much ate dinner together every night. Dinner time was and still is when we catch up, laugh, eat delicious home cooked food and just enjoy each other. I still drop by my parents every single Sunday for family dinner. One of the highlights of my week and it keeps me centered and grounded. Awesome post.

    Posted by colgore | November 25, 2013, 2:11 pm
    • Good for you! I think that is awesome that you keep the tradition going. Maybe it’s because I am older, or because I am a mom now, but I have realized exactly how wonderful it is to have fsmik time together. Thanks for stopping by.

      Posted by Shannon | November 25, 2013, 2:23 pm


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