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The Thursday Review: Haircolour Remover/ Going Blonde Without the Bleach

Available for $14.99 at Rexall Pharma Plus

Available for $14.99 at Rexall Pharma Plus

It’s been a while since I did a hair colour post even though I pretty much colour my heair constantly.  I have been using colour remover for ages but I was surprised to learn that most people think the only way to get rid of dark colour is to beach it out.  Well, sure if you want to fry your hair.  So today I am reviewing a product called ColourB4 which is a ammonia and bleach free colour remover.


Before the colour remover

I have used several colour removers in the past.  I usually use Clairol’s Color Fix.  I like it because one box contains several applications.  The down side is that it is a salon product and as such I can only buy it at Sally’s Beauty Supply shop (as opposed to the local drug store).  I have also used L’Oreal’s colour remover but the results are much less dramatic than the color fix ( my hair went from black to red as opposed to blonde).

I saw this product for $15 at Rexall and what attracted me to it was that it comes in two strengths.  My natural colour is blonde.  Right now I have dark brown hair which I have been colouring dark since November.  Now I want to go lighter again and I am not in the mood for red so I figured I would give it a try.

Firstly, to help protect my hair I went a couple of days without washing it.  It was so greasy I had to wear a headband at work, but I actually got compliments on it so it worked out.


Inside the box

When you use a product like a colour remover you will often find new red tones in your hair that weren’t there before.  This is because the dark colour you were using contains peroxide which can permanently change the colour of your natural hair.  So when you strip away the dark colour you may not have exactly what you started with.  So be sure to have a back-up colour on hand or at least a brass banisher to help with the results.  But do be careful.  While colour removers are designed to be followed up with new colour they leave your hair very porous.  This means you need to either reduce the time the colour states (for example leave it on for only 15 minutes instead of 30) or chose a colour much lighter than what you are intending.  In my case I have about 10 boxes of colours under my sink so depending on what type of results I get I will chose the most appropriate.


With the product on my head.

As I read the instructions I realized two things. One, it was almost all words as opposed to the mostly picture instructions in north American products. Second it was a bit more complicated than what I was used to. This product requires 10 minutes of rinsing and two cleansing treatments.
The Smell: I was going to include something about the smell because people always seem to complain about it. I mean what do you expect? Poop don’t smell like roses and the bunch of chemicals you are slathering on your head won’t either! I must say that of all the removers I have used this one probably did smell the worst. But the smell did fade quicker than with others.
I followed the directions and left it in about 45 minutes. I will admit I did not do the full 10 minutes or rinsing but oh well.
The Result: Overall I am okay with the results. It did lighten my hair, although it did not lighten as much as the color fix does. Mind you, with the colour fix you have to colour over top because it strips your roots and you always get funky coloured hair. With this product, possibly because it was gentler, there were far less red/yellow tones and it didn’t bother my roots at all. I actually could have just
left it was it was and it wouldn’t have been that bad. But just to even it out a bit I threw in a blonde toner afterwards. My hair is in good condition, no worse than it was prior to using it which is good and it doesn’t smell anymore (whereas with color fix both your hair and the washroom smell for a couple of days).


The final result

Overall: I give this product a 7/10. It left my hair in good condition, was fairly easy to use, it didn’t make my hair turn fake yellow or orange and the price was great. The cons are it didn’t go as light as I wanted, it was a bit of a pain to do all that rinsing and the smell was pretty rank.
Still, when you consider people pay hundreds to have their hair lightened at a salon, or worse, they bleach it themselves colour removers are definitely the way to go. I think my next review will be for my favourite highlighting kit because that’s where I think I’ll go next.
Happy colouring!<






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