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Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks

When life gives you lemons… make household cleaner!  Today’s article is a guest post by Lee Flynn and I hope you find it very useful.

lemonsEnvironmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks

Scientists and researchers today have a scary story to spin when it comes to how household germs, dirt and debris can impact your family’s health. But it has only been in the last year or two when the focus has shifted from getting rid of the grime to what products are used to accomplish this task. As it turns out, some of the most trusted names in household cleaners have some pretty scary stuff in them as well!

These easy and environmentally friendly home cleaning hacks will have your home spick and span – and safe for all to live, eat and play in!

Hack #1: Substitute plain white vinegar for surface cleaners.

If you have been spending on pricey carpet cleaners, or surface cleaners for tabletops, counters and appliances, your budget will thank you for this hack. All you need is a soft, clean rag and a bottle of good old-fashioned white vinegar. Vinegar on its own is a great, tough yet eco-friendly cleaner for tabletops and countertops. For appliances, add one part water to three parts vinegar before cleaning.

Hack #2: Substitute fresh lemon juice for bleach.

If you need to clean and whiten your white sink or your white blouse, you don’t need to brave the big jug of toxic bleach to do it. Just squeeze a fresh lemon and have at it. You can use a half cup fresh lemon juice for a large load of white laundry. A smaller amount on a scrubbing sponge will do for sinks, tubs, toilets and other white surfaces.

Hack #3: Substitute harsh stain removers with white vinegar.

Here again, white vinegar comes to the rescue as a clean, green alternative to hazardous commercial carpet cleaning remedies. Add one part white vinegar and one part water to a spray bottle. Spritz on more heavily for stained areas, then use a sponge to soak up the excess moisture. Repeat until the stains have lifted away entirely.

Hack #4: Substitute hydrogen peroxide for harsh mold-reduction agents.

Turns out that hydrogen peroxide is lethal to mold and mildew – especially the kind found in damp areas like your bathroom. Combine water with hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Then spritz over all areas where you see mold or mildew forming. For maintenance, spray after every other bath or shower to keep mold and mildew from returning.

Hack #5: Substitute citrus peel or essential oils for hazardous commercial air fresheners.

Many air fresheners that are commercially available today are known to be toxic to kids and pets (not to mention people of all ages!). Luckily, all you need is a healthy hunk of fresh citrus peel or cinnamon stick and a boiling pot of water – or a few drops of essential oil – to freshen the air in your entire house. You can also place citrus peel in the garbage disposal and grind, grind, grind to freshen odors there. Add houseplants to freshen the air in every room. And adding small dishes with one part lemon juice (fresh squeezed) plus one part white vinegar or baking soda freshens air in the frig, freezer and anywhere in the house.

Hack #6: Substitute lemon essential oil or fresh shelled walnuts for furniture polish.

Add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil in a cup of warm water to make a natural, clean and fresh-smelling furniture polish that is safe for wood and for you. If you see scratches or scuffs in the wood surface, shell a walnut and rub the walnut itself over the marred surface. The walnut’s natural oils will heal the mark.

By adopting these eco-friendly alternative cleaning hacks for your home, you will not only save all the money you would have spent on expensive commercial cleaning agents, but you will also feel reassured that your home is free of toxins or poisons that could affect your family’s health.

About Lee

Lee Flynn and I am a freelance writer. Through local workshops and various articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, healthy living, food storage techniques, and self-reliance.    Google+



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One thought on “Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks

  1. As professional cleaners we know how harmful toxic cleaners could be and we try to mainly use non-toxic ones for our every day cleaning jobs! There are so many great natural solutions for all kinds of stains. The post is really useful! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by | November 18, 2015, 5:41 am

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