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How Do You Know When Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train

The twins are now three and we seem to have been potty training forever and partly I think it’s because we waited too long. So here are some tips about when is the right time to lead you on the path to potty training success.

Starting to potty train can be quite an overwhelming thought. The first thing is that you no longer have a baby any more. Potty training means they are growing up and will soon be making their way in the world (ok, not that soon, but you know what I mean)! The second thought is the mess. Oh, the mess! You’ve heard nightmare stories from friends and family about all the accidents that their child has had.

The best way to avoid all these accidents is to make sure that your child is ready to potty train. If you do it when they aren’t ready, you will have lots of mess and lots of stress. So I’ll just share a little guidance for you, for signs to look out for, that show they’re ready. You want it to be quick and easy so that you can get potty training solved as quick as possible.


A general guide is to start when they are around two years old. Every child is different, though, so just use that as a rough guide. One thing to look for is how often they have dry diapers. By that age, they won’t be filling their diaper overnight but watch how much they wet their diaper. When it starts to be over long periods of time, it shows that they can control what they are doing. Anything shorter than an hour or so could make potty training hard work for you. They wouldn’t be quite ready at this point.

Other signs to look for are if they tell you they need to pee. They may say what they are doing in advance for you. They may just tell you as they are doing it. Quite often with children this age, they know that they are doing when they fill their diaper. So they might hide somewhere or go to a certain corner of the room. This is important to look out for.

If they are showing signs of knowing what they are doing in their diaper, then you should start to sit them down on the potty. Make a big deal of going to get a potty with them and talking about what it is. Have it out so they can see it and just sit them down on it when they are watching a movie or something. Then they just get used to the feel of it and as silly as it sounds, know that sitting on it is what you do!

An easy thing that you can do at home is to see you when you are in the bathroom. You can explain to them what you are doing. If they have siblings, it helps to see them use the bathroom too. Then they become aware that it is normal.Children learn by observation and by copying so maybe sit them on there after changing their diaper.

My advice is just to wait until they seem ready. If they are, it can take three days to get them dry. What are your best tips for potty training?

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