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Spring Cleaning the Craft Room

It’s not quite spring yet but there is never really a bad time to clean and organize. Today’s guest post by Jennifer Livingston has some great tips I hope you enjoy.


Are you into cleaning your craft room? Each spring, I find this a rather satisfying way to end the winter and usher in the new. While it definitely takes work to clean your craft room, you’ll be glad to know that it’s manageable. By following some of these simple tips, you can be on your way and good to go.

Keep in mind that you want to create, each time you clean, a realistic schedule. If you only have a break for a half hour, do some spring cleaning and then return later, to finish up. You also may want to find a family member (preferably, one who uses the craft room) to assist you with your efforts.

The first thing you may want to do is wipe the walls and ceiling. Craft rooms gather dust, and who knows?: if you purchase that winter fleece fabric on sale in warm weather months, you may need to remove even more grime later on. You’ll want here to tackle the stubborn surfaces that get grimy as you work on them or use them to shelve dirtier items.

You’ll next of all want to vacuum and shampoo all your rugs. If you don’t have a rug or carpet in your craft room, you get off scot-free on this one! But for many, this is where dirt really sticks. You can rent a steamer at your local grocery store, or you may want to purchase one (trust me; they’re very handy to own).

Then, you’ll want to dust books and shelves. Like many crafters, you may have acquired books on crafts—which are great!—but gotten them dirty by leaving them on the shelves (not so great). So, get out a feather duster and be sure that you don’t miss an inch. Crafts are dusty and can easily get covered with dirt.

Next, you’ll want to clean and possibly shampoo or soap-clean all upholstery. Maybe you’ve got a sofa in your craft room, and this will need your attention. Be sure that you dust and then vacuum pillows. All those crafty pillows you made and left in the room are sure going to love a good dusting!

Doors and Windows
Next, you’ll want to polish your metal doors and all your windows. You can use a cloth that has polish on it, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t leave rust to its own—scrub those suckers down! You can also take the time to polish metal hardware on your sewing machine and other machines in your craft room, too.

Dusting (Round 2)
After that, get your dust cloth or feather duster out again! Be sure that you dust everywhere in your craft room, including windows (yes, they need it too!) and the top of your ceiling fan. This is totally important for keeping your crafts well-cleaned, and your nostrils and sinuses will thank you later!

Wooden Furniture

Then, you’ll need to wax your wooden furniture. You may need to use water and mild dishwashing liquid, so get out a bowl and bring it into your craft room. Chances are, your craft table (and any other materials made of wood in there) will appreciate a good waxing, and your aesthetic eye will appreciate it next time you’re in there, too.

And let’s not forget about fire safety! Be sure that you change the battery in your smoke alarm, and test it to make sure it’s working. You definitely want a smoke alarm in your craft room, since you may be using materials that can get hot and possibly start a problem, so make sure you’re safe.

And don’t forget about the window screens in your craft room. These can be washed with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, just like your waxing. (Be sure to put a fresh bowl together, though.) You’re sure to love that your window can be open without generating a pile of dust in your craft room. Who wouldn’t?

Also, don’t forget about your window treatments. This is important, for dust can collect in blinds and curtains, making cleaning necessary but not always visibly so. Be sure that you use a warm cloth that is damp with dishwashing liquid, or you can use your feather duster again. (Isn’t that thing handy?)

Finally, if your craft room is near your kitchen, your floors may be made of linoleum or tile. You need to wax these floors, to keep them looking good. Be sure that you use a product that’s made for this type of floor, or use mild dishwashing liquid again. Then, presto! Your craft room will be beautifully new (until next time!).

Jennifer Livingston is  a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to health, fitness and family.  When she is not writing she likes to bake, read and travel.


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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning the Craft Room

  1. These are great points! When cleaning seriously. It is a wonderful idea to follow a list because this way it is impossible to miss an important spot. For example, I really often forget to clean the blinds. The walls are also often overlooked when doing a thorough clean. Thank you for the post! I will gladly use these steps to clean my craft room and also any other room at home! 🙂

    Posted by Josefina Holloway | February 2, 2016, 4:13 am

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