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Hair Change: Extensions before and after

Thinking about changing your look for the new year? Curious about hair extensions? Read on to see my recent experience with 20 inch fusions with before and after pics.

So lately I have been feeling kind of blue… to put it mildly and although I love having short hair I felt like it was time for a change. For several years I had used Great Length extensions (before I had kids) and I thought extensions might just be the pick me up I needed. And so began my journey.

Great Length extensions are the best there is and cost as much. The hair is virgin Indian hair so it is top quality and the texture is the same as Caucasian hair. It comes in ever colour imaginable and is bonded to your hair using cold fusion (which means no heat) with keratin bonds (a protein in your hair already) so basically vavavoom with no damage in three hours or less. The price? I never paid less than $1000 and up to $1600 for 20 inch ones.

With three kids and a budget I could never justify spending that much so I elected to try hot fusion. For me, fusion is the best method because you can still wear your hair up and style it in a variety of ways unlike with a weave, and you can even as colour it (and you know me and colour). Especially with short hair they allow for better blending which means you can go longer. They can last anywhere from 3-6 months depending how fast your hair grows (I always found about 5 months tops with Great Lengths before my hair would look weighed down and scraggly).

I bought some good hair off Ebay called Rapunzel extensions for a good price and visited several salons before I found a person I felt was fit for the job. Every salon was willing to take my money but a quick chat with the stylists told me they did not know what I wanted. The last thing you want is to go to all the trouble and look like you have a mullet.

Here are the before pictures:

And here are the after pictures:

Big change as you can see. This is how they look au naturel but of course you can straighten them too. Big change for sure. Since it’s been a while since I had it is a big change and will take some time to get used to styling but right now I feel like I look gorgeous ☺

So what do you think? Would you do extensions? Any stories good or bad you would like to share please do in the comment section. Cheers!


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10 thoughts on “Hair Change: Extensions before and after

  1. I can’t see the pics on my phone but I’m sure it looks great!! πŸ™‚ how fun!

    Posted by journeyformybaby | February 3, 2016, 4:48 pm
  2. Yes! I just got some extensions from Irresistible Me. I’m super happy with them they blend really well and I love that I can have full thick hair whenever I want it.

    Posted by Katie Taylor | February 4, 2016, 11:41 am
  3. I can’t see the photos πŸ˜”

    Posted by expecting to be expecting | February 4, 2016, 12:26 pm
  4. Ooohhh looks good, are they hard to manage?

    Posted by msaudreyc | February 6, 2016, 7:04 am

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