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Game of Diapers Reaches 100,000 Views!

No matter how many milestones you achieve, they are always just as sweet. Thanks so much for reading my blog, commenting and sharing. I do hope to be back from hiatus soon so thanks for hanging in there with me. Cheers! Advertisements

What Do You Think: Purchasing a Domain Name for Your Baby

Today’s round table question is all about what you think about setting up your baby on Social media? How early is too early? From purchasing their custom domain to setting up email and Twitter accounts parents are starting out as soon as they can to secure web space for their little ones. In fact, … Continue reading

Bloggers Beware: Six Things Not To Say Online

Whether you are just starting a blog or you have been running a Facebook page for years, it is always good to take a step back and reflect on what exactly you are putting out there. Do you talk about yourself? What about your friends? Your family? How much do you say? How do you … Continue reading

WordAds Finally Pays Off

Of course I don’t blog for profit, but it was nice when WordPress gave me $103 for doing what I love anyways. Bought new shoes for work since these  dress shoes are killing my feel LOL. If your curious it took me exactly one year to earn the money. Yay shoes.

Drama In The Blogosphere

When another blogger makes you upset… Yesterday I was reading my blogs as I do most days and I came across a post by a frustrated mother who is pregnant and having issues with one of her kids. Being the understanding person I am and seeing no one had commented I thought I would leave … Continue reading

Don’t Be A Blogbomber! 12 Dos and Don’ts of Blogging

I have written several posts about blogging, like how to get your blog noticed, and how to write better posts, but today I am going to talk about blogging etiquette.  I have read about a lot of fellow bloggers upset by things people have done.  So here are some suggestions of blogging dos and don’ts. Admittedly, I have … Continue reading

To the real bullies of the world (mom bloggers)

Originally posted on Jane Eyre Likes Cupcakes:
? ? ? PHOTO BY STEVE E. MILLER, COURTESY OF NEW TIMES You are part of a blogging community that rivals, if not exceeds, the size of my own: indie authors. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I make a point of reading very many parenting…

The Name Says it All: Choosing a Name For Your Blog

Lately I have started following some new blogs with great names so I thought I’d do a throwback Thursday and rerun this post.  I look forward to hearing about how/why you chose the name for your blog. I have to admit, I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read and follow and … Continue reading

525,600 Minutes: Happy Anniversary To My Blog!

Who knew that last New Years eve as I lied on the couch at 3am (tired and 38 weeks pregnant with twins) that the blog I decided to start on my smart phone would have become this. I have now been blogging for a whole year (minus one three-week break) and I have enjoyed it … Continue reading

Are You A Closet Blogger?

When I started blogging, my plan was to keep it a secret.  My blog was for me, more than anyone else.  I did tell my husband, but even then, I didn’t tell him the address (and he’s not that computer savvy to go looking). I would tease him that anything bad he did would go straight … Continue reading


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