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Ten Tips for Transitioning Your Breastfed Baby To Formula

Now that I have successfully weaned three kids, I can offer some advice on the topic of switching from breast milk to formula and bottles. Read on to learn from the mistakes I made with my first baby, including a pretty bad practice that I didn’t even realize was wrong. 1. Start Bottles Early.  It … Continue reading

Breastfeeding But Want To Drink This Holiday? Check Out Milkscreen

I wrote this review a while ago, and technically it isn’t a true review since I have never actually used the product, but I thought since people do like to drink during the holidays I’d revisit. Yesterday I took a trip to Shopper’s Drugmart to pick up a prescription. They said it would be about … Continue reading

Sexy Saturday: Your Breasts After Weaning

As of this week I have officially weaned the twins, and in just a matter of days my boobs have not only gone back to their regular size, but a full cup size SMALLER! To be honest, I don’t really pay that much attention to my breasts anymore.  I wear comfortable bras (which you can … Continue reading

Weaning Twins: Finally Getting Your Boobs Back

After nine months of breastfeeding I decided that it was time to start weaning. Yes, I know that you can go much longer, but since I started weaning my son at eight months, I figure I have done better to make it to nine this time around. So today I am going to share my … Continue reading

The Top Five Things I Love About Weaning

I am currently going through the weaning process (for more click Weaning Twins: Finally Getting Your Boobs Back).  Since I am weaning June and I can sometimes feel guilty/discouraged I thought I’d write about some of the great things about weaning. 1. I can wear whatever I want…fancy bras, crew neck shirts (to understand this … Continue reading

Introducing the Game of Diapers Weightloss and Diet Plan

Well, it’s been eight months since I weight 172lbs. All the weight is gone and all my clothes fit again. Aside from some loose skin you would never know in was the size of a house. So, I thought I’d repost how I got from there to here. If in were to write this again … Continue reading

The Vitex Experiment: Month Two

I have now been taking Vitex supplements for two months (wow, where does time go?). I am currently taking three 400mg capsules a day (with meals). This all started because I was having trouble regulating my postpartum hormones.  Read about it here. According to my research it takes three months for the Vitex to build … Continue reading

Twin Tuesday: The Great Vitex Experiment

As you know, I have been having issues with my hormones. If you didn’t know take a second to catch up HERE. After researching and blogging I really decided I wanted to DO something about it (hey, what do you expect from a control freak). Since I am breastfeeding my options are very limited as … Continue reading

Hormones You Are Not My Friend: The Postpartum Return To Fertility

For all you readers out there who are a bit squeamish about hormones and periods etc. I am going to warn you, you might want to skip this one.  For everyone else, read on.. When you are a teenager and you do something stupid (related to the opposite sex) people chuckle and say, “it’s teenage … Continue reading

PF Weekly Grab A Brew 29: Breastfeeding in public and free pizza

Originally posted on Canadian Budget Binder:
I don’t normally read breastfeeding stories but it was the breastfeeding in public and the free pizza title that caught my eye while reading my daily dose of Yahoo News. We don’t have any children but that doesn’t mean that we don’t think about how parenting would affect our…


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