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My ever increasing grocery bill

That moment when you get to the cash register and realize you have spent $450 dollars for what you hope is two weeks worth of groceries. I shop sales, clip coupons, use my |PC Points and get my groceries at the Real Canadian Superstore (which I think has the best prices for what I need) but it … Continue reading

It’s Picture Day at Gap Kids in Toronto

You know just how adorable your child is, so now let everyone else know. This Saturday at the Bay and Blood store in Toronto Gap Kids is having its very first photo day.  Not only do you get a free portrait of your child, he or she will be entered in the casting call. And … Continue reading

Financial Sense: Saving For My Kids’ Education

While I am not saying that your parental prowess is directly linked to the type of education your child has, I am saying that I think it’s important that I make sure my kids get a good one. There are so many options when it comes to school for children.  Home school, public school, private … Continue reading

WordAds Finally Pays Off

Of course I don’t blog for profit, but it was nice when WordPress gave me $103 for doing what I love anyways. Bought new shoes for work since these  dress shoes are killing my feel LOL. If your curious it took me exactly one year to earn the money. Yay shoes.

How To Win On Your Income Tax For Ontario Parents

It’s tax time again, and like most of us you probably don’t know all the ins and outs of filing a return.  While I don’t know everything about taxes, I do know that as a parent you want to stretch your money as far as it can go.  So to help out my fellow Ontarians … Continue reading

Financial Sense: Employer Benefits On Maternity Leave

This is a guest post by a fellow working mom who wanted to share her story but wished to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). All I can say is that I am glad it didn’t happen to me! In Ontario, while a mother (or father) is on maternity/parental leave she is still eligible to use … Continue reading

A Happy Relationship Means Having Your Own Bank Account

Money is the number one issue couples fight about so happy finances does help lead to a happy marriage.  For us, that means we each have our own bank accounts, and we like it that way.  There is no right or wrong way to manage your money (okay there is a wrong way, but not in … Continue reading

Financial Sense: Social Responsibility and Motherhood

I pride myself on being a smart shopper and getting the most bang for my buck, especially now that I have three kids and I want them to be well taken care of. But sometimes getting a good deal for me comes at a cost to others, and with the last two factory disasters on … Continue reading

Financial Sense: Don’t Rely On The Same Bank Twice

If you are like me you have several resources when it comes to money.  You may have any (or all of the following: credit card, debit card, chequing account, line of credit, mortgage, loans, RRSPs, RESPs etc. Most people find it convenient to do all of their banking with the same bank.  It makes sense … Continue reading

The Power of Twitter/ Kudos to Shoppers Drug Mart

I am a very frugal mom.  I am always looking for savings wherever I can find them.  So, when a store gives me a loyalty card I take advantage of it. (if you don’t check this out LINK). I currently belong to Shoppers Optimum Club.  This is a points club in which you collect points … Continue reading


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