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Hair Change: Extensions before and after

Thinking about changing your look for the new year? Curious about hair extensions? Read on to see my recent experience with 20 inch fusions with before and after pics. So lately I have been feeling kind of blue… to put it mildly and although I love having short hair I felt like it was time … Continue reading

Three year postpartum twin belly

What my twin postpartum belly looks like. Continue reading

The Thursday Review: Haircolour Remover/ Going Blonde Without the Bleach

It’s been a while since I did a hair colour post even though I pretty much colour my heair constantly.  I have been using colour remover for ages but I was surprised to learn that most people think the only way to get rid of dark colour is to beach it out.  Well, sure if … Continue reading

Hairstyles of 2014

Rather thanks do a boring year in review I always share my hairstyles from the last year because well life is too short for boring hair. LOL Happy New Year’s from A Game of Diapers P.s. if you ever have any hair colour questions send them my way and I will answer them. Cheers!

It’s Picture Day at Gap Kids in Toronto

You know just how adorable your child is, so now let everyone else know. This Saturday at the Bay and Blood store in Toronto Gap Kids is having its very first photo day.  Not only do you get a free portrait of your child, he or she will be entered in the casting call. And … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: L’Oreal Colorist Secret Brass Banisher

After bleaching my hair with L’Oreal Feria’s Bleach Blonde #205 and turning my hair a pretty unnatural yellow I turned to L’Oreal’s version of an at home toner: Colourist Secret Brass Banisher. Whether you have just bleached your hair, have really blonde hair, highlighted hair or if you are older and have white hair, you … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: L’Oreal Feria Extra Bleach Blonding #205

After being back to blonde (a variation of my natural colour) for a while now, I decided it was time for a change.  Maybe it was because I had never done the whole bleach think before or constantly being surrounded by the beautiful baby white and blonde looks of my children I decided to go … Continue reading

Styled By Shannon: March Edition

The weather is still cold and spring seems far away, but I seem to be subconsciously doing everything I can to get it here when it comes to my style these days. Hair: Well I decided I wanted to go blonder and boy did I ever (I will be reviewing the products on The Thursday … Continue reading

Styled By Shannon: February Edition

This is the second post in my series called Styled By Shannon, where I take you into my closet to show you what I am wearing, how you can wear it too, and how you can look good without spending a lot of money. Last month was all about clothes to wear for work, so … Continue reading

10 Easy Tips For How To Be A Mom AND Look Good

Whether you are a working mom or a SAHM, the way you dress is important because not only does it affect how you look it affects how you feel. So read on to find out how you can look good and feel good in spite of the chaos that is motherhood. Especially when you have … Continue reading


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