Pink it is!

Fast forward to 17 weeks pregnant. All was good with the pregnancy so far, and it was time to find out the genders. I was kinda hoping one was a girl, although I love my son, and really like the idea of more boys, a part of me wanted to experience having a daughter. I am not one of those wait and see people. “I want a surprise” they say. Well to me it’s still a surprise just a few months sooner.
So at 17 weeks I sped after work to a private clinic (they had a Wednesday sale) to find out. I thought it was a girl and a boy. “Congratulations” she said, “it’s a girl”. I am having a girl! I thought to myself. Then not a moment later she added “make that two girls”.
Wow! Twin daughters I thought. How exciting…and how scary it will be when they are teenagers!

I might also add that it was the last ultrasound where the girls measured on track. Girls are usually smaller than boys, and twins are usually smaller in general but not mine! At 28 weeks they measured 31 weeks and at 31 weeks they measured 34! At my 35 week ultrasound Baby A was 7lbs and measuring at 39 weeks gestation! Everyone always commented on how big I was but I have been carrying around over 10lbs of baby since I was 31 weeks pregnant. Am I bragging? Yes. But I am very proud, that this skinny vegetarian can grow such great kids (my son was almost 9.5lbs and 2 feet long when he was born).




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